31 October 2010

To Cut Or Not To Cut

I have been in a dilemma that every female gets themselves into: do I cut my hair or let it grow? But yesterday I had a moment in Boots where I was inspired to let it grow! As I previously mentioned, I am totally swept up in Mad Men and my firm decision to grow my hair is mainly due to the glamorous up do's in the series. So here is attempt one, more will follow as my hair grows.

Pink Sunday

Considering it's Halloween today I thought that today's Pink Sunday should be utterly over the top and this pink wig and eyelash combination is just perfect! Check out Kristen Lanea on Flickr for more great and fun images.

Happy Halloween everyone!

30 October 2010

Have a Folksy Halloween

Look at all these Halloween treats that I found on Folksy, perfect for getting in the scary mood!

Beautiful Bat Necklace by Ich Bin:
Terrifying cuff links by Urban Eye:
Perfect pumpkin ear rings from Kristins Jewellery:
Halloween soap! How good is this from Melusine Soap:

Nasty Nails

After being introduced to WAH Nails by Carol a while back I thought I would go and see what Halloween inspiration I could get from their nails. I've got to say that the purple nails are my favourite.

29 October 2010

Big Cat's At Work

Today at work we decided that it was only right we dress up for Halloween and what's the best theme for anything? You guessed it leopard print of course! We had a quick photo session this afternoon so we all had proof of leopard print day. So from left to right we have Llara - who has a whole wardrobe of leopard, Dave, Louise, me and Carol and Danielle in the front. What have you got planned for Halloween?

28 October 2010

Mad Men Mania

Last night I finally sat down to start watching Mad Men, yes I know that I am miles behind everyone but, well I have no excuse. After only watching the first two episodes, I am already madly in love, with the hair, the heels, the make up and most of all the dresses. Christina Hendricks' character Joan is officially my new style crush, and here are just a few reasons why:

Vogue's Fashion Night In is coming!

After the roaring success of Vogue's Fashion Night Out, Vogue.com is offering everyone a great excuse to join in with a Fashion Night In. If you ever needed a reason to make yourself a home-made cocktail, put your feet up and get out the credit card, this is it. On 1st November, from 5pm online fashion retailers are teaming up with Vogue to each of us exclusive offers whilst we're sat on the sofa in slippers!

Not only are Harrods taking part with 10% off fashion, beauty and accessories and free delivery but they are offering the chance to win an Ultimate Party Pack including Rosé Champagne NV, and a Pamper Day voucher for Urban Retreat, in-store hair and beauty spa, which sounds utterly delightful. 

Now I'm off to make my shopping list, these beauties are on it for sure...

To see all the retailers taking part click here.

27 October 2010

The shoes that makes my heart flutter

I'd like you to take five minutes out of your day to take a look at these beautiful shoes by Carvela at Harrods. Just image them on your feet, they look like heaven in a perfect rounded toe.

26 October 2010

More Moustache Goodness

I got this in an email yesterday from Dave

I think I really need one for endless fun.

Scotland the Stunning

I often moan about the weather up here in Scotland so here is my apology, a beautiful sky in Scotland to remind me that it can be beautiful.

25 October 2010

OK GO have done it again

Ok Go have made yet another genius video.



... well just because.

Vintage Vogue Visions

My mum is pretty nifty with her sewing machine; she's whipped up dresses for every occasion for me since I was born. So I was checking my emails this evening after a long soak in the bath to find my mum has been sifting through her old patterns and found these stunners:

Now is it fair to ask for one of each?

Harrod's Lust Worthy Book

Harrods have teamed up with one of my most inspirational photographers, Rankin to produce this beautiful book.
Not only does include some breath taking photography from Rankin but interviews with some of the most relevant designers around.

Get your Couture here.

24 October 2010

The Beautiful House

This house is gorgeous. Enough said.

Tim Flach Does Dogs

Tim Flach has created a whole book of beautiful dog portraits, yes, that's right, dog portraits! Now I am really not a dog person but the way that Flach has captured these pooches is really inspiring.


So if you love dogs, you should get this for sure:

You shall go to the ball...

Like a lot of girls I was obsessed by fairytales when I was a child and I am now pretty obsessed with my hair (as you can probably tell from previous posts), so the brand new ghd advert excites me so much. Just look at the styling, the hair, the make up, I absolutely adore the whole thing, from head to toes - keep an eye out for the sparkly shoes! Is it just me that dreams of balls like this?

Pink Sunday

My pink Sunday this week comes from Folksy, these cards are unbelievably cute! These cards are handmade by Love Maisy who love to make things out of paper.

Get yours here.

19 October 2010

Leopard Louboutin

My email this morning from High Snobiety included a preview of Christian Louboutin Louis Leopard Stud Sneakers. These are so fierce, I love leopard print shoes but how can they be made better? By putting studs of of course!

18 October 2010

Hair Envy!

Flicking around tv channels and I've just stumbled on Austin Powers, how lust worthy is Heather Graham's hair in this film?

Cos I love glitter

After reading this blog post one of my very fashionable friends, I went over to the Cos website to have look at their beautiful dresses but before I could even get the the dresses I found this video. How much fun does this look?

17 October 2010

Tip-ex do or don't?

Are white nails a do or don't? 

Now that I've done three coats I'm thinking it's a yes.

Kate Spade's Typewriter

As if typewriters weren't cool enough all ready Kate Spade has turned one into a handbag!  This is definitely going on my wish list, now where is my piggy bank?

Get yours here.

Style Crush Alert!!

Last night whilst watching the X Factor I realised that I have at total style crush on Rebecca Ferguson. She's so classy, I love it!

Who else has an X Factor style crush?

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday includes this wonderful stairway in Marrakesh from Edwin de Jongh.

16 October 2010

Jona Lewies + Man Like Me = Super Ad

Ikea have done it again, first we had the cute cats and now we had cool kitchens. I was casually eating my grapefruit in my pyjamas this morning and I hear the dulcet tones of Jona Lewie. 'You will always find him in the kitchen at parties' is one of my all time favourite songs and Ikea have just made it even better with the help of Man Like Me.

14 October 2010

Today in Primark

I went into Primark for this:

And came out with this:

Sadly I do not have legs like this so I am completely puzzled about what to wear with my new cape. Any ideas?

Work Wear Went Wonderful

I saw this on the Facebook page for Net-A-Porter and it's so gorgeous. From the care free hair all the way down to those killer shoes! You can get hold of this outfit here.

13 October 2010


Carey Mulligan is a style crush of mine, big time. Anyone that can get away with a mustard yellow impresses me no end.

View more images here.

I Wish...

... I was bold enough to get away with this hair and make up combo.

Artbox Fun

Waiting for pay day never took so long. As well as waiting to buy some furry slippers for the sudden move to winter, I am looking to buy some cute things from Artbox. Since moving away from London, and now being all the way in Glasgow, I miss wondering aimlessly around Artbox, it is the home of all cute things in the UK.

Here's my favourite mug:

The best sticky notes I've ever seen:

And a totally awesome Sleep Mask: