22 April 2013

My weekend of hair

Let's catch up with a weekend of hair shall we? So, after ripping apart my giant bow from my previous post (see it here), I managed to salvage the headband for day 12 and a cute, sleek bob.
Then for day 13 I decided to go big again, this time with a scarf for a rare summery day in Glasgow.
For Sunday, aka day 14, I decided to give both me and my hair a well earned day off! So here is my hair pretty much au natural for the first time in two weeks.
And finally, today, day 15, a style I always seem to refer to as the Shove and Pin - shove my hair and and stick pins in until it looks acceptable. It never fails me on a Monday morning when I can't quite focus in the mirror.

18 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - The Big Bow

Yesterday I confessed my love for hair accessories and then went on a spree and attacked one of headbands that I never wear and make it into a giant bow clip and a fabric covered head band.
So this morning, big bow in hand, I did a top knot and gave it a fresh look by adding the massive bow under the bun. Now this bow is bigger than my face and at 7am I thought it looked ridiculous, but I stuck it out and I think I love it now...

17 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - The Side Bun and Curls

I had pretty much forgotten how much a love a good, smooth bun, so it's a good job I found my bun ring for yesterday's (day 9) hairdo. I know that everyone is doing the top knot and high buns but I'm a huge fan of the side bun, it's super pretty - especially with a tiny red bow.
Continuing the hair accessories theme, today (day 10) I went for a curly, Hawaiian look. I blooming love flowers, be they daffodils on my table, daisy chains or a fake flower for my hair, they all put a big smile on my face during this wet weather.
I'm all ready excited because I have the most epic hair accessory for tomorrow!

15 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - Days 7 and 8

I'm not sure if day 7 involved a little bit of cheating because it's not my hair (no matter how much I wish it was) so the long blue wig was in aid of my friend's Under The Sea birthday party, which you may have seen me preparing for on Instagram. In case you can't tell from this quick snap, I am the sea, hence the Titanic on my head (before it met the iceberg of course).
And day 8 was inspired by my favourite woman in the world Christina Hendricks, more specifically her character in Mad Men - Joan! What a total babe with this bouffant hair:
and here's my straighter version - sadly if you saw me at work today you'll know that it flopped pretty early in the day.

12 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - Day 6

Today I've gone for a rolled, scarf do, it's been a style that I've had on pinned on my hair board on Pinterest for some time now so I finally decided to give it a go this morning. I've been put off trying a rolled style in the past because it always seems so tricky, but, stick a scarf in and it's super easy.
See the tutorial I followed here.

11 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - Day 5

After yesterday's full on beehive, today I thought I'd go for the smaller (and easier) half-up beehive. This is a personal favourite because it's so quite and simple for 6:45 in the morning!

10 April 2013

A Hairdo A Day

This weekend I realised that I need to suppress my urge to buy new dresses and also that I've been very lazy with my hair. So, to try and rectify both of these problems I've taken it upon myself to try new hairdo everyday - which should distract me from my wardrobe boredom right? But so far, so good, here's how I'm getting on...

Day one - victory rolls 
Day two - vintage waves
Day two - vintage waves
Day three - one victory roll and waves
Day four - beehive
Needless to say, I'm sure to run out of ideas once I've gotten through everything in my hair bible (Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay) so please suggest things and most of all, wish me luck.

8 April 2013

Tulips, Boots and Hair - The Best Things.

This weekend I;
Bought tulips to make it feel like spring
Fell in love with these shoes I shot at work (if you love them like I do, get them here)

I nailed victory rolls, again! Woop
I begun crafting my outfit for an under the sea party
And slept in rollers to get the perfect vintage wave