14 May 2013

The return of Hairdo A Day!

You heard me, I had another new hairdo today, that takes me up to 22 days now. So, after sleeping like this:
This morning I quickly pinned my hair into one giant victory roll around my whole head!
Now, it's pretty messy and I really need a new more attempts at this to perfect it but for a first go, I don't think it's so shabby.

8 May 2013

Wonder what I do with me time?

When I'm not stood in front of a mirror pinning, curling or back-combing my hair, I have a real day job that keeps me occupied. I take pretty pictures of shoes for schuh:
And Branch309:
See more of my work on my Tumblr.

3 May 2013

Great Gatsby Help!

I can not express how excited I am about the Great Gatsby films, I mean it just looks like a feast for the eyes (like most Baz Luhrmann films)...
I mean, when the clips of the soundtrack sound like this, it's no wonder I'm stupidly excited!
However, this isn't just an excuse to gush over the film but I am going to a Great Gatsby party and 1920s fashion is not my thing, no matter how much I love it I'm a 50s girl at heart. So, I need your help! Hair and dress inspiration from the 1920s is needed. Tweet me, email me, or leave a comment on here and help me put something together and I'll love you for a long time.

2 May 2013

Hairdo A Day - Done

I've been a big quiet on the hair front but here's what I've been doing:
Day 16 - the photo isn't so clear but it's a headscarf tied like a turban and I loved it.
Day 17 - the tiny plait, now plaits are the one thing I always forget to do. I've had short hair for years and it wasn't until very recently that I remembered how pretty they can be. So here's a little plait that's pinned back.
Day 18 - the day I didn't know what to do and pulled a weird face, also known as the pink ribbon.
Day 19 - flower power part one. What with the sun shining away I figured it was time to go overboard with some flowers.
Day 20 - flower power part two. Now this is a rare occurrence, the fringe is away! A tidy little French plait to get my over grown fringe out of my eyes, decorated with little paper flowers that I found under my bed from my crafting days.
Day 21 - I'm not sure what to call this, I have had Princess Leia and a chick from Sailor Moon (I have no idea what that is either) but I prefer to think of it as 90s Gwen Stefani inspired look.
And with three weeks of hair under my belt I'm done, well, until I discover something fun to do.