30 July 2010

Postcard loving

So I've recently discovered the best thing I've found in a long time. I love a good postcard, it doesn't matter what it on it, or who it's from, I just love them. I really adore writing to people, much to my friends' annoyance I'm sure... I honestly believe that the Facebook and blogs have ruined the joys of letters and postcards. Now before people get upset because I'm writing this on a blog, yes I love the internet; it's freaking awesome, but getting an email just isn't as exciting as getting real handwritten post. Rant over - sorry.

So the idea of postcrossing is that you sign up and request an address, to this address you send a postcard. Once the person at the other end of your postcard has received it, they tell the site and your address gets placed next on the list for someone to send a card to you. Brilliant! Getting real postcards from real people from all over the world (not just my granny on her holiday) what could be better?

Welcome to the world of postcrossing.

27 July 2010


Now everyone knows that I love a really good moustache and a nice bit of typography, so when I saw this on gizmodo.com I almost squealed with excitement! There aren't really many words that can do this any justice so enjoy the taches!

22 July 2010


Urban Outfitters is a dangerous place for me to browse. But they continue to tempt me on to their website with the pretty emails that drop into my inbox. Now although I tend not to buy any clothes, the accessories and home products do make me very, very happy!

This owl cushion is a personal favourite of the new products.

21 July 2010

Topshop, Topshop, Topshop?

Topshop are one of my favourite online retailers. Although I don't really buy anything from Topshop but I utterly adore there website and imagery. They are always really bold and confident with their art work, they never over complicate things with product and push key pieces through out the site. Love, love, love.

The Kate Moss art work literally makes my heart ache; it's so incredibly beautiful. Not only is she stunning but the photography is beyond gorgeous. 

Free People

So I have gone and found myself a new online crush. Free People are an American fashion company with the most beautiful website for creative types who like to look good. I think a big chunk of my pay day money will go to them tomorrow. The whole thing is terribly romantic and pretty.

They also have a wonderful social media campaign, their Facebook, Twitter, and blog are such a good example of how to integrate social media into a site. I love, love, love it!

15 July 2010

I heart Kandee

So, as you all know I am more than a little bit shoe mad. Not only do I get my daily shoe fix at work but I'm always stalking the internet trying to find new, pretty things to occupy my mind. Recently I found Kandee shoes and things started to become very sweet. Shoes like this are hard to resist...

I've been toying back and forth about whether to invest in some beauties but as I'm reasonably tall and the boy is not much taller I've been putting it off. Then this week the lovely tweeter at Kandee dropped this lush bombshell on me! 

Not only are there ballet pumps but there are studs, everywhere! I now have something very exciting to look forward to for A/W!! So thank you very much people at Kandee for brightening up my grey and rainy day.

5 July 2010

Oreo's are vegan friendly?

So, on Friday one of the graphic designers at work dropped a bomb shell on me. Oreo's are vegan friendly!! I am not actually vegan but I am lactose intolerant. So I have not been able to eat chocolate biscuits for years without feeling poorly. 

All together now... yay for Oreo's!