28 April 2011

Dancing Queen

I can't believe it has taken this long for me to see this!

I did it!

So yesterday I blogged about a hair style that I totally fell in love with (see it here) and here's my attempt! It's pretty messy at the back but after some practise I'm sure it will be really easy. Thank you Kelly from Hair Advice and All Things Nice for encouraging me to give it a go!

27 April 2011

Hair Crush

You may have seen me tweeting about this last night, but I love it so much that I thought I'd stick it on here and get some advice. I adore this hair, it's so utterly perfect but it is a wig? Help me decide? What do you think, am I striving for the impossible here?

24 April 2011

Wedding Excitement

I've not done a very good job at hiding my excitement for the Royal Wedding on Friday. I love the Royal Family and I did an awful lot of gushing and squealing when I read that William and Kate were getting married (yes I blogged the squealing here), I even love the cheesy engagement portrait of them. So even though I will be working on the day (yes I'm very upset about this) I will be making the most of the wedding day and having a wedding party in the evening. In preparation for a day in the office, I have bought this, sorry everyone I work with that don't like the Royal Family, but I don't care that much... 

I've also acquired an obscene amount of union jacks somehow...

I am currently finding it VERY hard to resist some of these beauties too:

For all my cupcake needs

Cute bunting

Love this bundle of goodies

Sweet mug

I'm pretty sure that I'll have purchased a few of these by the end of the week - sorry savings! I also promise to tweet some photos of my party too. Are you having a Royal Wedding party, or playing the Royal Wedding drinking game? Or maybe avoiding it (sad times) I'd love to hear what you've got planned too. AdiĆ³s for now!

Pink Sunday

Now it's not secret that I'm a huge fan of Gem Fatale's blog, so when a friend at work pointed out her tutorial on super spotty nails I just had to give it a go.

I was convinced that it wouldn't be as easy as she made it out to be but I was wrong, the trick with a hair pin is so easy that I could even do it with my left hand!

So a massive thank you to Gem Fatale for showing me howmto make perfect spots! Read her tutorial here.

20 April 2011

Me & You

So this is a very self involved post, sorry if it's boring but it's something I need to write. Recently, I've become aware of just how grateful I am to have my friends. I feel very lucky that I've had the opportunity to move around the country and meet so many wonderful people. I grew up in a country town in Somerset where I was surrounded by the kindest people ever, and we looked like this, yeh we were so cool...

Then when I left school, my dad needed to move to London, (well, Uxbridge really) and you would have thought he was telling me that we were moving to the moon! I hated the idea. Until I built a bridge and made some more friends I was so grateful to my parents for moving me! Although, looking back, this was a really weird time for me but I came out of it with one or two people I couldn't live without. Moving swiftly on to the best three years of my life (art school really is, if you get the chance GO!!), where I found beautiful people who would pull silly poses with me:

Dress like animals with me (I'm obviously the pink panther!):

And to stay up all night working, drink cider with breakfast and pull funny faces with:

And now I'm an English girl in Glasgow, where again, I seem to have met yet more wonderful people. People who are teaching me to understand Scots, that's right, it's a whole other language. They also have a soft spot for dressing up and being ridiculous:

If you've gotten this far down this very indulgent post then then thank you very much for reading it all. I felt I needed to write this post just to remind myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by beautiful and important people that feel like extended family. This extends out to all the lovelies on twitter too, I have lost count of the times I've had a bad day and consequently been swapped with happy tweets!

So lastly I just want to say a massive
thank you
to all of you beautiful friends, whether you are my best friends who have been by my side mentally and physically, or brand new friends. I love you all.


18 April 2011

Curly Top

Anyone who reads my blog will probably know by now that I'm obsessed with hair (see previous hair posts here). And as I was flicking through Pinterest as usual and I stumbled on this tutorial for curly hair and like the excitable girl I couldn't wait to try it. A way to get curly hair without tongs, surely it's all lies? Well, here's what I did last night, I washed, spritzed my hair with John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion (which my thin, flat hair would be nothing without) and blow dried it. Then I followed this tutorial, and went to bed. When I woke up this morning, all blurry eyed, I was convinced my hair would be all over the place but no, it was still all perfectly tucked in and when I took it all out I had perfect curls! After some taming of the curls I popped in a bow and achieved the style in this picture. This is my new favourite style, as my hair grows it's only going to get better, yes!! Has anyone else tried curling like this?

17 April 2011

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is a snippet of my evening last night. A friend of mine had a bunny birthday party this weekend, and I just love any excuse to dress up (see my Hawaiian party post).

Me dressed as Miffy, in a dress that my VERY clever mum made from a bed sheet, that's right, from a sheet! All I did for her was give her my measurements and this image:

Sadly I couldn't convince the boy to dress as the Miffy's friend!

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Beautiful Blues

I'm not usually a big fan of blue, I'm very much a pink girl (you might have guessed) but I was wondering around the make up section of Boots looking for eyelashes when I got distracted by this nail colour by Barry M. I'm officially a blueberry convert!

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16 April 2011

Magpie-ing Marvelous

This week I discovered Cloth Magpie, have you heard of them?

Cloth Magpie was launched in 2009 and is the brain child of Sam Cross, and I've got to admit I'm in love. Sam has taken vintage fabrics and created a limited edition handbags that were inspired by vanity cases and old school glamour (the best type of glamour). All of the fabrics were printed in the UK and the bags completely made in the UK too so Cloth Magpie is proud to be British too! I've been staring at the Spring/Summer collection for hours trying to pick my favourites and it was so super, hard because I love them all! But here are the two I've settled on:

The Poppy Chain Bobble Kiss.

The Canteeni Trumpington Blue.

So do you all understand why I'm so in love with Cloth Magpie now?

15 April 2011

The Creative Process

I often find it very frustrating to try and explain to non-creative people how I come up with ideas. The importance of looking at things, thinking and staring into space always seems to confuse people but now I have a pie chart to explain:

Found here.

The Ballet of Moustaches

I am very jealous that I didn't think of this:

12 April 2011

Beautiful Brightness

I'm pretty much in love with this image. I might go home, slap on some fake tan, bright polish and try and make some bracelets. Anyone tried to make their own? I can only just manage a simple plait.

Found here.

10 April 2011

Pink Sunday

Ok, so these aren't technically pink but the background is, does that count? I couldn't resist blogging these amazing cake pops from the queen of pops, Bakerella. I am in the middle of attempting to make cake pops for my friends birthday but after looking at these mine might just be a little rubbish!

See the whole article here.

9 April 2011

FFAF-ing Brilliant!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to be a bit of an emo kid, who's have thought it...? Here's the proof. So one of my favourite bands of all time is Funeral For A Friend, they were pretty much the only band I listened to while I was at London Met. I always get pretty nervous when a band I love bring out a new album in case I don't like it, anyone else get that feeling? But the deluxe edition (yes I bought the fancy one because I am a geek) of Welcome Home Armageddon is just plain beautiful, both to listen to and to look at with illustrations by Rianne Rowlands who is a total genius! Lets face it, it's just really, bloody cool.

Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture.

Right, I'm done gushing over the band, what I actually wanted to blog about was that after remembering how much I love Funeral For A Friend, google also told me that the lead singer is a photographer, could Matthew Davies-Kreye be any fucking cooler? Wait, he is, he also self publishes his work in the form of a little zine called HATEFACE (get a copy here). 

Here's a few of my favourites from his blog:

All images all © 2010 Matthew Davies-Kreye

I'm pretty sure that once I get my copy of HATEFACE I'll be telling twitter how gorgeous it is so keep an eye of for tweets and pictures.

7 April 2011

Fatty Thursday

The past few days have been getting me down, what with all the rain in Glasgow, so I've been spending an awful lot of time browsing pretty things on Pinterest. I've also mostly been looking at food, bad Amy, and it inspired me to come home and make some pretty food. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting home, kicking off my shoes, sticking on my apron and cooking. I decided to make this:

Inspired by this. Mine isn't half as pretty but I'm sure it'll be tasty.

6 April 2011

If Feels Like January

How stunning does January Jones look on the cover of Marie Claire?

I know that I am usually gushing over how much I love Christina Hendricks, an I still do - she'll always be my biggest style crush, but I'm a sucker for blondes, if only my hair did this...

3 April 2011

Hula Hula

If you follow me on twitter you may well have heard me banging on about my Hawaiian party, well not so much of a party, just an excuse to listen to Manu Chao and wear flowered dresses. So there were grass skirts:

Milky Joe!

Flower and sunglasses:

And even a beach!

All in all, I would highly recommend a Hawaii themed party to anyone feeling a little down, it's cheered me right up and snapped me out of my bad mood.

Does anyone else love a themed party?

Pink Sunday

This week I was introduced to Firebox by my friend Suz, she found this perfect lunch box:

I love a good lunch box because the canteen at work coats everything with cheese and I am THE fussiest eater I know. Lets face it, this is the most perfect way to take my lunch to work! When's pay day again?

Get your own LEGO Lunch box here.

2 April 2011

Twinkly Tree

I am pretty much in love with fairy lights, my flat is covered in them all year round. They aren't just for my Christmas tree, they are for every dark corner in every single room. This fairy light tree is just to die for!