20 May 2012

Pink Sunday

Pink Sunday has returned with a very special arrival to my life.. You may have seen my excitement via twitter on Thursday when I realised that my shiny new Cambridge Satchel was out for delivery! I've been resisting for a while but two weeks ago, I finally cave. I would like to formally introduce you to my pink, 15 inch Classic Cambridge Satchel, isn't he beautiful?

It's official, I am in love.

Even Cupcake was excited for his arrival...

19 May 2012

My Food Heaven

A couple of weekends ago, I was through in Edinburgh visiting Sarah she introduced me to a hidden treasure on Leith Walk, Valvona & Crolla is my new favourite place in the whole world. It looks like a tiny, little, odd shop that I would walk straight past but it is in fact packed full of greatness!

Floor to ceiling with food!

Weird pumpkin shaped tomatoes

They also sell my absolute, most favourite lemon curd, which was quickly eaten with a spoon until I felt sick.

And a raspberry meringue the size of my face...

All in all, it's heaven for a foody like me. I'm very glad that it's over in Edinburgh otherwise all my food would come from there and I would be poor and fat.

18 May 2012

Moustache and Coffee

What's better than a good cup of coffee? An espresso mug and saucer with a good old 'tache on of course! Thank you Liberty for cheering up my Friday.

Get yours here.