25 February 2013

Kaleidoscopic Fun with Shoes

At the start of the month I blogged about some work I did for Branch309 with Irregular Choice (see it here) and I've been let loose again but this time with New Balance and the idea of building a kaleidoscope. I love this de-constructed version:
But there's a more complex version on the blog, see the Branch309 blog post here.

Hand Crafted Rings? Yes please!

I'm lucky enough to know some very talented people who always need a few photographs of their work (you'll have seen me gushing about DanYell no doubt) and now I have someone new to bang on about, meet Jason, not only is he literally whiz at Schuh, he writes for Fresh Habits and now he's making hand crafted jewellery! Of course photographs are by yours truly.
Aren't they beautiful? I'm a sucker for an emerald. Head over to his Facebook page and get lusting after a few.

4 February 2013

Trapped in an Irregular Choice Box

I've finally been let loose to make some work that harps back to my degree show, surrealism! It's my absolute favourite thing to do in the studio, so if you know me you can imagine my reaction to the request to go and do something, anything for the Branch309 blog! So here it is, ladies trapped in Irregular Choice boxes, I like to think that they fell in looking for more pretty shoes...
Go and see the blog posts here for some lovely words and information about the brand by Sarah.