28 February 2011

Red Carpet Love

That's right, I'm jumping on the Oscar's bandwagon. I usually love the red carpet at the Oscar's but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed this year. My favourite hair has to be Reese Witherspoon for sure, I adore her sleek, blonde ponytail. I'm definitely coveting this style:

Anne Hathaway's perfectly pale skin looks delightful in red:

But my favourite over all look has to be Hailee Steinfeld!! It honestly makes me so very excited to see such a beautiful outfit. Hailee Steinfeld's dress is just beautiful, tt's just the right side of cute ballerina glamour. If I'm honest, I'd really love to have a dress like this, I'm not sure where I'd wear it, maybe to work?

Who else has been looking through the Oscar's pictures? Who was your favourite?

27 February 2011

Pink Sunday

Everyone loves cupcake so these pink Sunday cupcakes are a sure winner! These little beauties are from Amy Atlas, a desert genius. Click here to go and have a good look at everything she does, I highly recommend to everyone who's not on a diet, for dieters it's a calorific nightmare!

26 February 2011

The Girl Can Sing!

I've been catching up on Glee and if I'm honest I was a little sceptical about Gwyneth Paltrow guest staring but I was totally wrong! Not only does she look fantastic:

But that girl can sing!

25 February 2011

24 February 2011

Jen's Chop

Everyone's been talking about this new hair cut:

I am reasonably obsessed by hair and especially Jennifer Aniston's hair. From the first time I saw the Rachel cut from Friends, I was hooked. She has the most beautiful hair, whether blonde, smooth and roughed up, or layered and textured. I have total hair envy!

23 February 2011

Dance My Socks Off!

I've been mega hectic since getting back from my holiday, hence the lack of tweets and posts. But here is the reason why... I've been doing this for Schuh.

So the shoot was for the new collections pages for Schuh, it was the most nervous and wonderful day I've ever had! Me and two of the other Schuh photographers spend Sunday taking these photographs of two gorgeous models, do days get any better? We couldn't have done it without the styling by Niki from Olanic and Carol from My Stylisms along with hair and make up by Ainslie Currie.

I know that I shouldn't have favourites but it's hard not to when the page looks like this:

So what do you all think? I'd really love your opinions, good, bad or ugly!

20 February 2011

Pink Sunday

So this week's Pink Sunday is inspired by all the pretty pinks that I found on a break in St Monans in Fife. For a small fishing village there was an awful lot of pink! From pink walls:

Beautiful pink doors, I'd do pretty much anything for a bright pink front door!

Pink paint jobs:

A whole pink house! This is just too cute:

And of course there were pink skies by the bucket load:

19 February 2011

Quick Round Up

I've been super busy over the past few weeks so the next posts will be me catching up with you all! I was at the Bold Souls event at the start of the month and fell in love with Fair Feathered Friend. She makes the most adorable things with feathers. I mean check out these head dresses..

This one is my favourite, that middle circle even lights up! Totally genius. I need to get myself to a festival or just a field in some sunshine so that I can wear this:

Now I did buy these earrings on a total impulse, where am I going to where feathers?! I will figure it would and post a photograph when I nail it.

16 February 2011

Hair Crush

Not only is this hair band from Garlands Of Grace gorgeous but look at that hair style, how do I even do that?

Get your own hair band here.

13 February 2011

Pink Sunday - Valentines Special

Now I'm not up for Valentines day, even though I'm in a lovely relationship I do not need to be told when to be romantic! However, I love pink, red and hearts, so any excuse to bust out the cheesy hearts and I am there! So here's some gorgeous pink and heart themed goodies.

These measuring spoons from Velvet Store.

More goodies from Velvet Store get them here.

 And another from Velvet Store, this amazingly regal cushion.

And on that pretty pink note I am off work for the week to spend the week with my fella and my camera. I will tweet some pictures of me having fun by the sea (totally weather dependant, I will be in Scotland after all).

11 February 2011

Might Mug

On the back of my discovery of Wonder Woman Mac make up last week, which isn't out here until March! Do I really have to wait another month? I'm so impatient. Anyway, to keep these pangs of want at bay I may need to purchase this mug from Joy.

Viva La Smeeeff

So as you may or may not know, I work for Schuh, which being a shoe loving crazy is pretty apt. This gives me the opportunity to provide work for other companies like the lovelies over at Viva La Diva. They are currently sporting my image on their home page. All together now "woop".

If you don't believe me have a mosey on over there.

8 February 2011

Forget Button Moon, get a button plate

How amazing are these button plates? I love buttons so much so these button plates are definitely going on my wish list!

Love Lomography?

Then you'll love this competition! The lovelies over at We Are Disposable have teamed up with Lomography to run a competition, they want to see everyone's photographs of famous landmarks.

If you haven't heard of We Are Disposable, then where have you been? They are a collective of super analogue photographers, who last year did a collaboration with YEAH Magazine to create a book. I have it on good authority that the book is stunning, and if the cover below is anything to go by it's going to be an analogue extravaganza! I'm sure you can tell how excited I am to get my hands on a copy and you could win a copy just by entering their competition.

Here are the important things you need to know if you want to enter:

• The top 10 photos will get their mitts on a copy of the We Are Disposable Yeah! book.
• Enter any analogue photo, so long as it's not digitally enhanced.
• You can't enter more than ten photos!
• Your entry must be at least 768px in either width or height.
• Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location)

To read more and enter the competition just click this cheeky little link.

6 February 2011

Pink Sunday

Recently I've discovered Pinterest, have you? If you haven't been for a browse you should really go, once you've finished reading this obviously! Pinterest is a wonderful place full of beautiful images, like really great things from fashion to hairstyles, from good looking food to wonderful interiors. What is there not to love? So this weeks Pink Sunday is a bundle of goodies from my Pink board.

This is like my perfect bathroom! Pink bath, pink towel and a few cheeky comics.

I've died and gone to shoe heaven.

And finally Marta Stewart's pastel layered cake.

If you are like me and sometimes need something cute and pink to put a smile on your face, check out my Pink board on Pinterest by clicking here. Enjoy your Sunday!

4 February 2011

Get a Face Like Wonder Woman?

Sometimes I need to let my geeky self out and this Wonder Women lipstick is just ideal!

Get your very own here.

Mac have created a whole range of Wonder Woman accessories, including this great face brush belt. I need to find a UK stockist for this range pronto!

Check out al the Wonder Woman range here.

3 February 2011


Yesterday I was reminiscing about being at art school and the music we listened to (a weird mix of emo and electro) and the den's we used to make to watch films on a Sunday. This photo pretty much sums up what my bedroom would look like if the boy didn't bring me back to normality.

Happy Hair

When my hair grows I'd like to braid my fringe just like this. It's lush.

2 February 2011

Pretty Dresses At The Screen Actors Guild Awards

This lunch time at work I've been looking though some red carpet photos from the SAG's and I've got to give it to the Glee girls, they all looked amazing!

Glee's Heather Morris was my favourite, her perfectly straight hair and Romona Keveza dress are just gorgeous!

They really all did look great though

And Glee wouldn't be Glee without a quick photo of Corey Monteith!

February Hair Crush

Nicole Kidman makes me want red hair again. I love a bit of copper.