6 June 2014

New Addition!

You'll all know that I'm a HUGE fan of animals, be they whales (I've adopted two), llamas, screaming goats, rabbits or kittens, I LOVE THEM ALL. You all know my little rabbit Cupcake (If you don't she often makes an appearance on social media) this is her when I first brought her home:
Since I got her, I've been collecting a small zoo. I now have a fish called Willam and now I have a new addition to the family, a KITTEN! They are all so adorable, especially when Thor the kitty follows Cupcake around the flat or just chilling on the sofa.
Thor is now 11 weeks old and a total terror! But she is now the star of a schuh YouTube video with her big sister Boo, I know I'm biased but aren't they adorable?

If you want to watch Nadia's handiwork over and over and over, hop over to the schuh YouTube.