31 July 2011

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is a make up post, not actual pink make up but pink packaging - my favourite! So at the moment when you buy a Falsifeye Mascara from Boots you get a free Falsifeye Gel Liner Black Gel Liner. Those of you who know me well will know that a big sweep of liquid eye liner is my make up essential, so I couldn't resist trying this gel.

With the liner being a gel I'm totally worried that it won't stick and rub off around my eye (I'll let you know how I get on with that) but I love how it goes on so smooth and it's much softer than my usual liquid liner, see:

Yes I look like I'm sleeping so please ignore the terrible photo...

All in all, I love it!

29 July 2011

More Sparkly Nails

I love nail polish, in fact I feel naked without a colour but my nails are a bit on a state because of it! So in an attempt to get my nails to grow a little and stop flaking at the ends, I am going polish free for a few days - eek! But instead of just putting on my strengthener polish and cuticle oil I have decided to make the best of boring clear polish... how? Buy adding glitter of course!

28 July 2011

Dress Decisions!!

Last week I blogged about potential outfits for a wedding (you can read the post here) and by the time decided on the yellow dress it had sold out in my size - gutted! So, in a mad panic today I ran over to Dorothy Perkins, who never let me down! Not only did I find loads to try on, I came out with two dresses, and I'm sure that you can now guess my next question, which one? So we have the green polka dot:


Or the terracotta:


If I'm honest, both are totally out of my comfort zone! After all, terracotta is almost brown and me & brown have never got on that well... But I am determined to try to wear more colour (that isn't just red) so help me decide please! One or two?

Nude Nails

I've just jumped on the accent finger nail band wagon this week. As inspired by this post from Mozzypop, I've decided to try the glittered ring finger nail with a neutral polish on the rest and I've got to admit that I pretty much love it!

Is anyone else trying out accent nails? What colours are you going for?

26 July 2011

Recent Fun

We have have outstanding weather in Glasgow over the last few days, so here is what I have been up to:

I drank a lot of Apfelnektar

Stared into the blue sky for hours

Took photographs of Danielle with my shiny new lens

Every time it rains here now, I promise to try and not moan but look at these photographs of good, sunny weather instead.

Stylish Blog Award

So I got a tweet from my sister from another mister (seriously, it's weird how much we have in common!) Laura, from Laura Rose Blog telling me that she's given me a Stylish Blog Award! Woop!!

So here's how it works; I need to give 7 random facts about myself and award 15 of my favourite bloggers the same award. So here are my facts:

1. I drink a lot of tea.
2. I have no idea what my natural hair colour is anymore, nine years of dying it every four weeks means I can only guess it's dark blonde.
3. I collect tea pots.
4. Glitter is my favourite thing on this earth. If it were acceptable to cover myself in it daily I would.
5. I am yet to grow out of the colour pink.
6. I am obsessed by photography, taking photos, looking at photos, finding old photos, whatever it is, I adore it.
7. I moan a lot about the weather in Glasgow but when the sun it out in the city, I think it is the most beautiful place I've lived.

And here are my bloggers!

1. Laura from Laura Rose Blog
2. Emily from Emily's Nail Files
3. Rani from Cupcake Couture
4. Alice from Super Gorgeous
5. Bettina from Nothing but Bettina
6. Danielle from Oooh You Patterned Things
7. Yvonne from Three Small Apples
8. Carol from My Stylisms
9. Llara from Little Scribbler
10. Happy Harris from Happy Loves Rosie
12. Dayner from Mozzypop
13. Michelle from Pocket Full of Dreams
14. Clair from Wedding Inspiration

24 July 2011

Pink Sunday

I apologise for my lack of Pink Sundays recently, I've been super hectic (visiting family and friends) but I am well and truly back! How will I make my comeback I hear you cry? With this little beauty from Bombay Duck:

I mean, come on, how cute is this? Perfect for tea or cocktails, depending on the time of day! 

Enjoy your sunny Sunday!

22 July 2011

Buttery Buddha

I love a bit of tat, and a bit of Oriental influence (although I found out this week that I can not make sushi) so take a cheeky look at this butter dish from Urban Outfitters:

Get your very own here.

The Buddha Butter Dish is right up my street, although I don't eat butter, I'll need to find something else to put it it, any suggestions? So, this weekend, I'll be dashing to Urban Outfitters through a lemsip haze to get my mits of this!

20 July 2011

Temporary Tattoos!

Remember those temporary tattoos we all had as children? You know, you'd get Spiderman in a packet of candy sticks? Well temporary tattoos are back and they are BETTER! Tattly Designy Tattoos are one of the coolest things that I have seen in a good while, especially as I'm so indecisive about what I should get tattooed. Now the only choice is how many to buy and where to put them! Here are my favourites that will soon be adorning my skin:

Get colour burst here.

 I was always going to pick the cute camera.

And these awesome litter cursors!

I need to figure out whether it is acceptable to wear them outside of the festival situation...

18 July 2011

Style Help

Hello lovely readers, I am in another outfit dilemma and I need your help! I'm going to a wedding in two weeks and I still have no outfit... Disaster. All I know is that I must buy a dress which will enable me to wear my Lulu Guinness bag (see this post if you missed my new bag). Pretty much all of my dresses are from Dorothy Perkins and another new one will be no different!

So the options, are this black spotty dress:

Second choice is this yellow chiffon dress, now I love yellow but I never wear it! So this would scare me, but it's so gorgeous.

My third choice, this really cute 50s inspired dress:

Or finally this blue dress with roses:

So what do you think? One, two, three or four?! HELP!

13 July 2011

DIY Hair Crush

I currently have dip dyed hair, blonde to red (although it was meant to be pillarbox red!!) and although I love it, it was a bit of a po-lava to do myself. I wish I'd have seen this first because it looks so much simpler than splodging it on and hoping for the best. Maybe next time I'll go multi-coloured?! Does anyone know where it's from? I can't find the original source on Pinterest and it looks like a site that I'd really adore.

12 July 2011

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Especially when they are set into the Wonder Woman logo like this:

Noir Jewellery have teamed up with DC comics to produce some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that I have ever set my eyes on. Not only have they created this necklace, but a whole range or perfectly geeky jewellery (see the whole collection here). So along with the necklace above (which is my absolute favourite piece) there's a Wonder Woman Cuff:

And this outstanding Gotham City Ring.

It's a little bit of heaven for a geeky girl who doesn't want to look too much like a geek! Sadly it's all well out of my price range, unless I get another credit card... hmm, tempting.

Teeny Tiny Chairs

I love mini things, they are so cute, have you seen the tea cup pigs? Adorable! This may not be quite as cute but equally exciting, this tiny chair is actually a bottle opener - genius! Anthropologie has so many awesome and pretty gadgets so please be prepared to hear me bang on about them from now on!

Get your own here.

6 July 2011

Glowing Moustaches

We all know that I love a moustache (see many a post here), if I was a dude, I'd definitely have one! So imagine my face when I stumbled on this lamp on Pinterest, that's right, a glowing moustache! Love!

Get yours here.
See more from LuxChroma here.

4 July 2011

Lulu Love

Last week you may well have heard me spouting off about whether to buy a Lulu Guinness handbag (read the post here) well, I purchased and now it's arrived and it's even more beautiful than I imagined!


I intend on using this little beauty on Friday so stay tuned for  a post about what I'm wearing it with. I can not wait to use it!

3 July 2011

Pink Sunday

Now this Pink Sunday is an odd mixture of cute and weird... These hankies from Not On The High Street are wonderful, I mean, why would you want pink fish on a hankie? Well why the hell not?!


1 July 2011

Dancing Chanel Make Up

Everyone loves Chanel right? I now love them even more, Peter Philips created this short animation "Here Comes The Beauty Pack". Love it.