30 June 2012

Things I've been doing...

Recently I made a fake coffee table at work.

Made a gif of Cupcake enjoying a strawberry.

And topped up my hair and tried out purple lipstick like a goth.

Now I'm off to enjoy my book on my sofa for a while, hooray for the weekend!

18 June 2012

Bye Bye Westlife...

This weekend was mostly spent being excited and recovering from screaming at Westlife! Boybands are my biggest vice, but can you really blame me, they are pretty, they sing and they dance, what's not to love? So Saturday night, me, Carol, Danielle from DanYell and Danielle's mum ran off to the SECC to scream like mad at those lovely Irish boys.

Flying across the crowd?!

But most importantly, singing Uptown Girl, my FAVOURITE.

12 June 2012

It's not that easy being blonde.

Ok, that's not true, it's great fun being blonde, that's why I've been a blonde for so many years. 

However I have moved camps and joined the land of redheads! I have finally given in to the urge to join the likes of Florence and Christina Hendricks (my hero) and ditch the blonde locks. I used Real Red by Live XXL and it came out looking like this:

But me being me, I couldn't help but to stick a little patch of purple in so that I can have a stripy victory roll (which is officially my favourite thing ever).

It's going to take some getting used to...