30 August 2010

Lady Luck Rules OK

I've had a very busy weekend what with photographing some models on Friday, as I mentioned in a previous post, and on Sunday I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Lady Luck Rules OK Workshop and Trade Secrets Talk in Glasgow. Now, yes I am a photographer by trade but I like to dabble with jewellery for myself and my friends, so I thought I'd go along and see if I could get any business tips from a fellow creative.

Now the thought of learning about how to run a business instantly puts me to sleep, the thought of trying to work out pricing, over heads and book keeping sounds like my idea of hell. So although I was looking forward to meeting Leona from Lady Luck Rules OK and hearing all about how she set up and ran her business, I was still rather worried that the boring stuff would still be, well boring. But there was no need to worry! Not only was Leona easy to listen to, she was full of great advice and I came away with tons of notes and a surprise personalised necklaces for everyone.

So if anyone is thinking of going to one of these workshops I absolutely urge you to go! Do it! 

To top it all off the workshop was held in Auntie M's Cake Lounge! If you love real tea pots, home-made cakes and all things 50s you need to go! 

29 August 2010

Models models everywhere...

This is just a quick peak at work I'm currently smothered in. It's a shoot for two lovely stylists; Carol and Jane, with hair by Rainbow Rooms International, Ayr. There will be plenty more to follow, along with all the details of what we were all up to!

28 August 2010

Leopard Loving

I have been really looking forward to post for this beautiful purchase I made two weeks ago.

You can get these beauties from here.

24 August 2010

The Hunt is Complete

At the weekend I blogged about finding a trench coat that was almost perfect. Now I have some good news; I've finally found the trench coat of my dreams, plus it was a bargain from Primark! No longer will I envy women looking chic in their very own trench coat, now I can strut down the street in a lady-like fashion. Of course, I couldn't be too glam, I'll have to style it up with a good skull scarf.

22 August 2010

It's easy being green

I am a huge fan of bringing the outside in and considering that I don't seem to keep plants alive too well I might just need to settle for this grassy desk organiser.

Get your very own here.

Sailorettes, Love and Rock n' Roll Goodies

Recently I was lucky enough to win a little Kitsch Kaos goody bag from one of my favourite blogs. Sailorettes, Love and Rock n' Roll is a gorgeous little blog full of rock and roll goodness and is perfect for everyone who loves bit of vintage and alternative fashion. Anyway I digress, Mafalda Princess Doll had a give away and I won - yay! Here is what I won; stay tuned for a photograph of the hair clip in action

Tricky Trench

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm very exited about this season being packed full of girly, 50's shapes. My heart almost stopped when I saw that it's already filtering through to the good old affordable high street. Topshop's email this week is the reason for my near heart attack, I've been looking for the perfect trench coat for about a year now and here is the shape of my perfect coat - I'm still not convinced by this colour though so the hunt will go on.

20 August 2010

Canon Coffee

Now this post is completely geeky and for that I can't even apologise for!

Please meet the lens mug:

First introduced to me by the Art At Heart blog, I've totally fallen in love with the mug that looks like a Canon lens. They are available to buy from Photojojo so if you are a camera geek like myself jump on over and purchase one of these beauties!

Dazzling Drew

Drew Barrymore has been a style crush of mine for many years, I can't tell you just how utterly cool I think she is! So when I was gazing around Marie Claire, I was so please to see that Drew Barrymore looked effortlessly gorgeous at the Going The Distance premier, she has perfect hippy hair with braids, drawn on tattoo and legs to die for! She looks like she is literally having the time of her life, even stopping to for photo's with her fans.

See all the photo's here.

18 August 2010

Inside out and round and round

As I've mentioned before, I am slightly obsessed by Surrealism. After gazing through Flickr in my daily fix I discovered something really incredible. FLO™'s photostream is blowing my mind! The faces have been Photoshopped on to the opposite body and it just works so simply. The best Surrealism is always, without fail the simple idea that is manipulated to perfection. Here are my three favourites for your viewing delights.

17 August 2010

Prim and Proper

I was back in Norwich over the weekend for some reminiscing and drinking with good friends. Whilst I was there I stumbled across a stunning new vintage shop called Prim Vintage Fashion and it's just very stunning!

11 August 2010

Drench Cubehead

I love everything that is Surreal, and I'm talking actually surreal, not just a bit weird! So imagine my absolute joy when I was sat waiting for the A - Team when this little beauty came on from Drench:

4 August 2010

Girly Shapes

I can not tell you how happy I am to see that ladylike silhouettes are coming back with a vengeance and I could not be happier! There is nothing I love more than tiny waste and a full skirt.

This is the dress that made my heart stop for a moment this morning when it dropped into my inbox on a Matches email, I think you'll agree that it's utterly gorgeous.

Beautiful Burton

Yesterday I blogged about Tom Binns jewellery and whilst doing a bit of linking I stumbled on Tim Burton's website. If you haven't seen recently I urge you to stop reading and go and look at it's beauty right now, go on go.

3 August 2010

Lusting over Binns

It's been a while since the Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland was released but that hasn't stopped me from lusting over the Tom Binns jewellery, go and have another look whole collection over here. But here are my favourites!

2 August 2010

Green Fingers

I've recently become obsessed with all things green - having bought four cacti from IKEA - I just utterly adore this ring filled with Icelandic moss that you need to water every few weeks. What a beautiful idea!

Now if you are unlike me and have a spare £210, you can get yourself one over here!

1 August 2010

The Hive is Back!

Over the past five years I have been partial to a beehive or two in any form, so you can image my delight whilst innocently turning the pages of Vogue I was told that the beehive is back! That's right, the hive has returned and it's even more beautiful than before. I love all sorts of beehives - aside from a Winehouse that is... Here are two of my absolute favourites:

And here's me rocking muted beehives in various colours:

Folksy Calling

I will soon be sorting out my shop over at Folksy with all the pretty little things that I have been making over the last few weeks, but here is a sneak preview..

My model in the top photography is the lovely Danielle Cassells, she's a textile designer and she's brilliant!

Pilot Paraphernalia

So on my flick through Vogue and Elle's Collections and to my joy I've discovered the aviator jacket. Today I officially start my hunt for the perfect aviator jacket, wish me luck...