28 October 2011

Halloween Feet

You may have heard my prattling on about not going to a fancy dress party this Halloween (I do now have splendid plans with a friend and her fella, woop!) but I have been channelling my Halloween excitement into my work. So welcome to the Halloween home page for Schuh:

Happy Halloween kids! I can't wait to see all your outfits.

24 October 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is my favourite time of year (after Christmas that is), but this year I am unable to party away in a home-made outfit - which usually falls apart by the end of the night - but that has not stopped me obsessing over all the Halloween goodies that are out there just now (you should see my Pinterest board).

These pumpkins are so cute and fun, but Pinterest, being Pinterest means that I can't find the origin of the pin!

Martha Stewart has created my absolute perfect dinner table for the occassion, it has it all, black glitter, black candles and skulls, what more could you want?

And again from Martha Stewart, my favourite Halloween decoration, bats in the lampshade!  

Despite not having much of a Halloween this year, I have been working on a little treat which I'll share with you all once I take some good photos. Stay tuned!

21 October 2011

Socks With Capes

80s Tees have created my ultimate sock - Wonder Woman. It gets better too, THEY HAVE CAPES! 

There are no other words apart from, get yours here.

18 October 2011

500 Days of Summer

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I adore Zooey Deschanel, so naturally 500 Days of Summer is one of my favourite films.I mean who wouldn't want to run around IKEA pretending you live there and see boys dancing in parks like this:

Love it. I'm now off to listen to the soundtrack, again!

14 October 2011

Pink Tips? Nailed It.

Last week I showed you my blue cornered nails (see them here) and I tried to recreate them freehand but failed, miserably! So I went back to the tutorial (here) and decided to use the steps to create a nude nail with a bright pink tip. I just used a ripped bit of masking tape on each finger and this is what I came up with:

I have to admit, that I love this so much more than the blue corners - probably because they are pink - I was surprised at how easy it was to line up the masking tape and peal off tape. So off you all go, go and paint stripy nails!! I might just try three colours this weekend.

13 October 2011

How I Wore The Hat

Do you remember the weird little hat I bought from ASOS? You can see my original post about it here. Well, I finally wore it! And here's the result:

Hat. Yay or nay?  on Twitpic

I originally thought I needed to put my hair up to give the retro feel I was going for with my whole outfit (here's the dress I went for) but I decided against it and for the very first time - possibly ever - I kept my hair simple, just straight and flat. 

So what do you think? I still wasn't convinced but people loved it.

9 October 2011

Pink Sunday

So I've been slacking on the blogging front but I am back with a stonking pink Sunday, i just love this quote print don't you?

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

3 October 2011

In the Blue Corner

So I saw this tutorial on Dainty Squid and I loved it! But when I got around to finally doing it I realised that I had no masking tape! So no triangles for me, just a little blue corners (that were surprisingly not messy). Here they are:

This week I am definitely going to try the triangles but what colours do you think I should use?