23 November 2011

Vintage Pink

So, you all know that I am obsessed with my hair and I've had it pink for a while now so when I saw Katy Perry had gone pink too I was a little sad (but only because I thought it might lead to hundreds of copy cats!) and it's so pretty!
Now, the purpose of this blog post is for one of you lovelies to help me figure out how to style my hair like this:

18 November 2011

A Little Bit Of Love For Navy

I am back! After a manic few weeks, I am finally starting to feel human again - thank goodness! I seem to have developed a navy obsession since I've been away too.. which is weird because I'm very much a black fan. So far this week I have purchased this dress from Peacocks:

I am not entirely sure about the dress, it's so not my style but I am going to give it a good whirl, I also bought these bad boys from Schuh:

Yes I will be roughly 7 feet tall but it'll be totally worth it right? I can't actually walk in them so I need a volunteer to teach my to walk in them please! I think I'll keep them both for my office Christmas party, now let the pre-Christmas starvation to begin!