29 September 2010

Crows + Ties

Tom Ford is a genius. Crows, bow ties and Nicholas Holt. On paper it sounds oh so wrong but look at it; utterly lush.

Vuitton Stops My Heart

I know it sounds a little melodramatic and it probably is, but this advert for Louis Vuitton made my heart flutter.


I'm not a massive fan of Naomi Campbell but there is no denying that she looks utterly stunning in this image.

28 September 2010

We Love Kandee

Kandee is a footwear brand that everyone needs to be in love with. I've blogged about them before and now Kandee has even more sweet treats for everyone, including ballet pumps for the tall ladies out there, like me!

These are the most wonderful shoes that I have seen in a good while, now where's the £99 I had in my pocket gone? 

Favourite Shape

Louis Vuitton is really rocking my boat at the moment.

27 September 2010

Z-Mode Beauties

Today I discovered Z-Mode and these dresses are totally lust-worthy!

Check out the blog here, official website here and twitter.

Candy Floss and Moustaches

These two photographs sum up my weekend perfectly. I had a quick dye job.

And my moustache necklace arrived last week from the lovely Lovepalypaly.

Tea Time

I've just got an email from mummy Smeeeff with the cutest photograph I think I've ever seen..

If anyone has a baby duck they'd like me to look after I have a tea cup.

26 September 2010

Pink Sunday

Today is a very special pink Sunday because I've had a cheeky dye and my hair is now the colour of candy floss (photo's will follow when I can get myself out of my hangover!). But for now what is better than a sweet pink treat for a Sunday morning.

Image and cakes courtesy of Elisabeth Bjone.

24 September 2010

Spring Valley Friday Treat

I've only just discovered this beautiful advert! It gives me butterflies, it's so beautiful I could weep!
Enjoy this advert from Spring Valley

22 September 2010

21 September 2010


Nick Knight is without a shadow of a doubt the most wonderful photographer. And here's why:

20 September 2010

ModCloth - yes please

I'm a huge fan of ModCloth and hugely cute things. One of my favourite things to do is look through home departments, in other words look at all the awesome things I'd like in my home! So whilst having a good rummage through ModCloth I found these beauties!

Fond Memory Flash Drive in Tuxedo Sam He's so cute that I could squeal out loud!


Too Hot to Handlebar Mug - I love, love, LOVE a good moustache, in fact I am positively obsessed!

Grow-Bot Planter - I have a soft soft for anything where I can attempt to grow things (see my previous post about moss rings!)

Longing to be in London

Oh how I long to be at London Fashion Week. Luckily though there is more than enough coverage in the internet. My personal highlights so far are:

Pretty pink at Mulberry

Jacquetta Wheeler for Vivienne Westwoood

So much floaty fabric at Julien Macdonald

19 September 2010

I heart Accessorize

 Beautiful, beautiful shoes. Accessorize I <3 you an awful lot.

Get them here.

Pretty Portrait

Everyone know that I am a huge fan of Drew Barrymore so when a friend of mine emailed this image over to me I almost let out a little yelp. Would you look at this dress!? I adore everyhting about this portrait all the way from her hair to the way that the dress is draped over the floor. Now I seemed to be the only one in the office that liked the dress so what do you think, is it a yes or no?

Feature for Octobers Harper's Bazaar.

Think Pink!

So I've been thinking about a regular feature that I can start on here, I've been racking my brain for something that I do often to cheer myself up and I've settled on bringing you something pink to perk up your Sunday!

16 September 2010

Happy Ikea

This Ikea advert literally made me squeal when it came on the TV this week. Not only am I dying to get a kitten (but the boy insists that he is allergic...) but I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. I love that their furniture is affordable, sleek & reliable and I utterly adore their advertising but they are turning all of our homes into showrooms. That said I will continue to shop there. 

If ever you are feeling sad or stressed, watch this video. It has a positively calming effect.

14 September 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

...and just stay gone? As a southern fairy living the deepest, darkest Glasgow, I am not all that impressed with the weather. This week so far has been incredibly soggy and wet, autumn is well and truly here. Now however much I'd love to skip through the wet autumn to a crisp and snowy December there is one thing that keeps my spirits high during all this grey weather. What is it I hear you cry; umbrellas, hats and boots! 

This umbrella from ModCloth is very exciting! Sadly it's sold out.
A chunky piece of head wear is on my shopping list like this one from Topshop.

And lastly I have my eye on these bad boys to keep my feet nice and dry.

12 September 2010

Triangles in the Sky

There are lots of photo's of the SECC in Glasgow which is why I stayed clear of the obvious shots. Here is my shot.

Fashion Reminders

A while ago now I blogged about the fashion show I was luck to be part of recently. Now Carol and Jane have written lovely blog post about it so get yourselves over to their blogs and read what Carol had to say and read Jane's lovely words. Thank you again ladies!

9 September 2010

Big cats

Now I'm not sure just how much leopard print one person can get away with before it's just plain wrong... But I am a massive fan of the stuff and my wardrobe, shoe cabinet and jewellery box are becoming full of the print. 

As you already know I bought some Clarks Originals in a furry leopard print fabric, which are almost comfortable now, but I am dying to buy one of these:

Bows, bows, bows!

I'm am more than partial to a bow in any form, be it on a hair band or on a shoe. Whilst looking through Instyle online I noticed that there are more and more bows on shoes and it excites me an awful lot! It's shoes like this first one that make me wish that I was at least a foot shorter!

Black oversized bow shoe from Miss Selfridge

3 September 2010

Colour + laughter = happy faces

I've recently discovered a wonderful photographer on Flickr. Anyone who is familiar with my own work will know that I am partial to a good mix of humour and colour, so when I came across Powerpig's photostream I was very excited! I could sit here and gush about how much I love his work but here are my favourites, enjoy.

Check out his website and shop.

I Was There!

I previously blogged about the things that I've been up to recently, more specifically last weekend. The SECC, Glasgow, played host to the Loud 'n' Proud production of I Was There! A tribute to the Glasgow Apollo, written by Tommy McGory. I was lucky enough to be back stage with my camera to capture some of the magic as it happened.

Carol and Jane from Share It Wear It styled up some models for a number during the musical and here are some of the photographs, I think you'll agree that the models looked incredibly stunning! 

See the whole collection here.