31 August 2011

Perfect House of Black

Yesterday I published some images from my back stage work for House of Black and this is my absolute favourite! So it's getting it's own post, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I have some more images to show you soon, but I've been sworn to secrecy by work! So you'll have sit tight, I can't wait to show you.

30 August 2011

House is not a Home!

Last week I was very kindly invited along to a rehearsal for David Black's (House of Black) first independent fashion show to take some shots of the models strutting their stuff! House of Black is packed full of just breathe-taking garments and stretch from totally wearable to my favourite, the extravagantly conceptual - there's a cling-film dress after all! So here are a few of my favourite shots:

You can have a gender through all of my images here. As always all of my images are copyrighted to me, please do not use them under any circumstances unless I've approved the use. 

Keep up to date with House of Black by reading the blog here. Find out more about G2E Events here.

28 August 2011

Pink Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Now this is a lovely way to celebrate it being Sunday, a pink fruit bowl from  John Lewis.


Get yours here.

25 August 2011

Help Me Wonder Woman!

This is a genuine plea for help! I can not knit but I pretty much need this jumper in my life...

Image from here.

It's so amazing! And as I totally can not pull off an actual Wonder Woman outfit (I mean, even if it looked good, it's totally ridiculous) in the real world, I feel that this jumper is a great way to show off my inner geek without looking like too much of a numpty. So to all of you knitters out there; please consider whether you would knit this for me for money and my eternal love!

23 August 2011

Mini Warbler!

Do you love Glee? I DO! Do you follow me on twitter? No? You should! If you do follow me, or have seen me since Friday, you'll have listened to me gushing about the Mini Warbler. As if the Warbler's aren't cute enough all ready, wathcing a tiny little boy to dressed in a tiny Warbler's outfit, sing and dance (and much better then I can) to Teenage Dream is all a little too much!

Cuteness overload!

If you love him, go and see Glee 3D, you will not be disappointed!

22 August 2011

My Hair Twin K. Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has totally stolen my hair style! Outrageous! To be fair though, it's really pretty and what I'd like my hair to look like - after all I did try to dye my hair this kind of blonde and it went grey (I trust you not to laugh too much... click here)

Here's my super blonde version, saved with a ton of Live Colour XXL Absolute Platinum and Stargazer's Tropical Green colour:


Totally copied from me, am I right? Who's your hair twin right now?
If anyone has any ideas of how I can darken my blonde locks please get in touch! Bleaching every three weeks is tiring.

21 August 2011

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is a really tasty one! PINK CAKES! I've spent today making a big roast dinner and cakes with this icing colour (which really is amazing, the colour is so bright):

Which when put into a beautiful vegan cupcake mix (I'm not vegan but I don't eat dairy and Danielle is allergic to eggs, so between us we are almost vegan - apart from the meat eating...) it does the most delightful colour:

And the best thing about this colour is that is doesn't lose the colour when I baked it! So I ended up with cakes this colour with blue icing and fake chocolate buttons. HEAVEN.

I also did some in reversed colours, you can see them here.

19 August 2011

Freakingly Fabulous Fringing

I'm slowly being convinced that fringing is fabulous... mostly because of two emails that I've received today. I'm pretty much in love with this jacket from Matches:

But it's so far out of my price range that I actually might go off and have a little cry, so this jacket from Topshop makes me feel an awful lot better:


  But am I really ready for all that fringing?

I'll ponder that question on my way to the cinema to see Glee 3D with Carol from My Stylisms and I honestly can not wait!

18 August 2011

Getting Ready For Autumn

If you follow me on twitter you may have heard me banging on about starting to wear heels, being 5ft10 I always struggle to wear heels without feeling at best like a giant or at worst, a man in drag! But I decided that there is no point loving heels and owning heels if I'm not going to wear them, so this week I've managed to wear two pairs to work and purchase these bad boys:

Now these are rather large, and I don't know what to wear them with (everything?) but I adore them!

16 August 2011

Bunting Beaut!

I love finding new shops, and being introduced to Hannah Zakari is certainly no different. The site looks so cute and pretty, I've not been over the the actual store in Edinburgh but I am assured that it is super sweet too! How amazing is this necklace?! I am a little bunting obsessed.. I'm still trying to perfect making my own bunting (seriously, you should see the state of my efforts) so this little beaut might need to make it into my jewellery box sooner rather than later.

Get yours here.

15 August 2011

Ombre Nails

Whilst I was casually flicking through Heat magazine at the weekend, I saw a sneaky little article about Lauren Conrad's nails and let's face it, I am nail obsessed at the moment - here is the proof.

So I decided to recreate her ombre style nails, but in blues (for some reason I seem to have a lot of blues..). Here are my blues - ok so I started with black because I didn't have the enough - Rimmel 60 Seconds in black, then MAC's Wonder Woman (still my absolute favourite and not just because it's WW) in Spirit of Truth then a random colour I found in Primark, MissTique by Missguided and finally Blueberry by Barry M.

Now I'll be the first to admit it's not the smoothest ombre I've ever seen, but for a first go - just rooting through my current nail polishes I don't think it's all that bad.

Now I have every excuse to go and raid the shops for five shades of every colour.. that's ok right? Are you trying the ombre look on your nails as well as your hair?

13 August 2011

Vintage Roll Lust

So most of you probably know that I'm a little obsessed my my hair.. Ok, I admit it, I utterly obsessed! And after taking part in a feature on Hair Advice And All Things Nice called Salon Surgery I have been trying to perfect a perfect victory roll, see my first attempt here and my second, much better one:

But to continue my dreams of being able to perfect the victory roll I've found some good inspiration!

This is just gorgeous right? Even that shade of red is superb! Found here.

These original rolls are to die for! Luckily I found a tutorial with this image on the Aubrey London Pin Up blog, view the tutorial here.

And finally these over the top - but in such a good way - rolls! Sadly I only found them on Pinterest and I can't find where it's originally from. But I adore them nonetheless.

Have you had a go at victory rolls? I'd love to see how you've got on, or any good tutorials to improve mine. Happy rolling!

7 August 2011

Pink Sunday

My Pink Sunday's seem to be turning into a Hello Kitty fest, so if you're not a fan (is there really anyone who isn't a fan?) then I am sorry. But I just could not resist sharing this cup and saucer with you, I mean look!


I love it! Get yours here from iconArtBox.

Artbox - Cute Stationery, Sweets, Clothing and Gifts

Tattoo Goodness

After month of waffling on about whether or not to get a tattoo, I finally got it - with much help from Carol at MyStylisms. So we popped off to Forevermore Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow and got tattooed, Carol all ready has tattoos so she was not half as nervous as me, who was absolutely shitting myself! Luckily I was actually just being a drama queen, so here is my tattoo, Jiji from one of my all time favourite films; Kiki's Delivery Service courtesy of Roberto:

I love him! But I'll tweet a better photo when it's less manky.

Wedding Outfit - Done

As promised, here is a quick update on my friends wedding. After all the pondering about what to wear, I finally found the perfect dress, well two in the end (see that post here) but in the end I went for green, it's summer after all! So I teamed it with my much loved Lulu Guinness lips clutch bag and Red Or Dead Maggie's from Schuh.

I also used this as a good excuse to bust out more of nude nails with glitter, on my ring fingers of course, I thought that was fitting for a wedding. I also wanted to give victory rolls again, sadly mine are still messy and need lots of practice:

So after the outfits were sorted I could not wait to get to the wedding to see the wedding dress, which I think you'll agree was STUNNING:

It was the most beautiful day back in my home town, which I didn't realise just how much I miss the West Country, I mean where else would you drink cider and eat Cornish pasties at a wedding?! Loved it!