28 September 2014

Painting, a creepy kitten and new friends...

This weekend, although totally loaded with the cold *sniff* has been full to the brim of DIY. Now that my flatmate has moved up the road (actually just up the road) I have absolutely no excuses for putting off the painting any more! NEVER make the mistake I did this week, I thought I could just gloss over the last two doors in my hallway and boom, pretty, white hallway. No, that didn't work. Now I'm looking at fresh white gloss next to three year old gloss and although they are both meant to be white they just aren't. It's disastrous, but it will keep me out of trouble for the next few weekends.

Luckily I had this little creep to keep me entertained while I made a start on all the painting.
I'm in love with my new lampshade in my bedroom, that's three coloured domes in my flat now - obsessed.
I popped into Love Salvage for a quick rummage, obviously because I don't really need anything I found EVERYTHING that I've ever wanted. Just look at that white and blue cabinet.
I also cracked out the woolly hat for the first time this autumn and made a new friend at the Barras whilst trying to find my favourite but hard to find second hand furniture shop. I will call my new friend Mindy, I miss Mindy already.
I suppose I should really get back to tidying the mess I've made in my flat... Happy Sunday!