31 December 2010

Favourite Discovery of 2010: WAH Nails

The lovely girls at WAH Nails have proved very useful and inspiring this year.After discovering them at the beginning of 2010 but living in Glasgow and unable to actually get to WAH Nails
to have my nails done professionally, I have wasted many an hour scrolling through their blog and gushing over the nails that they do!

All of these wonderful nails inspired me to buy a Models Own/WAH Nails pen and try to create some nail art myself - I need a lot of practice! Get your own here.

30 December 2010

Life Calender

I love simple daily diaries. I keep a photograph a day (just taken on my mobile) in a notebook as a mini diary. So I think that this life calender is just genius! The idea is simple, record daily how you are feeling - brilliant!

Get yours here.

29 December 2010

Favourite of 2010: Glee

I don't think I'll be alone in admitting that Glee has been a guilty pleasure of mine this year. That's rightm, I am a gleek and proud! What's not to like, bright, colourful outfits and bursting into song at every opportunity. It's an instant cure for a frown! Emma Pillsbury is with out a doubt my style crush in Glee, her twin sets, pencil skirts and perfectly styled hair is to die for. 

And lets not forget the Glee cast's rendition of Bad Romance. A-mazing!

28 December 2010

First Favourite of 2010

Now this is going to sound shallow and just plain sad, but one of my favourite moments of 2010 was being introduced to Mad Men. Anyone who reads my blog regularly, knows me or ever bumps into me in the street would have heard me gushing over Mad Men. Not only is it a fabulous series that me and the boy can agree on watching (a massive rarity) but the styling is to die for! Just look at the sharp suits and pencil skirts.

I have a complete style crush on both Joan Holloway and the actress Christina Hendricks. As someone with a fuller figure, shall we say, I think it's delightful to see Christina's curves on the tv and to hear such positive things being said about her healthy size!

Not to mention that the hair styles are totally lust worthy, I have spent the last few months trying to perfect a 1950s up do. I've only been able to achieve it once, so my new years resolution is to become a master of the up do.

*Please excuse the weird face that I am pulling*

27 December 2010

Nicole Richie's Dress

I'm usually not a fan of big, puffy wedding dresses but I have to admit that Nicole Richie is breathe taking. She looked beautiful at her wedding to Joel Madden.

Blue Suede Shoes

Now I'm not brave enough to jump on a train and head down to London for some sale shopping but I do have my eye on these little beauties from Harrods.

25 December 2010


Merry Christmas bloggers!

Have a fabulous day full of glitter and merriment.

24 December 2010

Mad Men Sale

How beautiful is this dress in the John Lewis sale? It's perfect for the 1950's that I love so much, great for a Joan Holloway look. It's down from £119 to £83.30 it's a bargain too!

23 December 2010

It's time for tea secret Santa

Yesterday was a Christmas-tastic day at work, we had our Christmas lunch complete with party hats and  bad jokes:

 And we had secret Santa time and look at my amazing tea cup, it's literally the cutest thing in the world.

Is everyone in full Christmas mode now? Good luck to anyone who, like me, is trying to travel over the next 24 hours.

22 December 2010

Apple's Tree Of Perfection

I would love Christmas tree full of technology, especially Apple technology - delightful!

If you could build your own tree what would it be make from?

20 December 2010

He nicked my IRN-BRU and let go of my hand

The Snowman with a Scottish twist.


More Moustache Madness

I am starting to worry that my moustache fixation is getting out of control, but things like this just feed my obsession. How cute are these badges?!

Get yours here.

Kikichoo has so many gorgeous moustache related things to buy so I suggest if you or someone you know has a soft spot for facial hair get yourself over there for the perfect little stocking filler.

19 December 2010

WAH Nails Attempt One

So after drooling over the WAH nails blog, I was so excited to find out that they were teaming up with Models Own to make the Nail Art Pens

Now, I opted for the black pen, hoping that with some practise I could be even a fraction as good as the WAH nails girls! Turns out that even doing spots is so very hard. Here is my first attempt with the pen:

Get your own pen here.

Pink Sunday

I'm a huge both Hello Kitty and pink, so put them together and I am guaranteed to love it! Artbox
is tempting me with this gorgeous Hello Kitty suitcase. I wonder if it's too late to put it on my Christmas list?


18 December 2010

The JCB Song

I was watching Christmas videos this morning, what else is there to do on a Saturday morning, when this popped up. I'd forgotten all about it! The JCB Song reminds me of gin, a great friend and super times, enjoy.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Most of you know that I now live in Glasgow, but I've only been living here for just over a year. I studied at Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUCA) and met two of the best friends that a girl could ever ask for. Why are they so great? Because they send me cards like this:

Of course they have tons of other qualities like being beautiful and talented and kind. Thank you Harriet and Danii.

17 December 2010

Dear Santa...

... I've been good this year so please could you bring me this on Christmas morning?

16 December 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's Christmas!

I adore the festive season and anything with glitter, tinsel or trees is a massive winner at this time of the year. Urban Outfitters is always the first place I go to find cute things that make me smile, here are my current favourites for Christmas fun.

Snow in a can!

Christmas pudding bin bags

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a magical tree

Backstreet's Back

I car share with two other girls and a guy to work and this week has been Christmas week! There have been Christmas songs on each journey to and from work each day. We have discovered a hidden Christmas song by the Backstreet Boys! That's right, it's Christmas time.

The quality of this video is shocking but it's a great song, perfectly cheesy.

Whilst googling the Backstreet Boys, I have realised two things, firstly, they are still together, that's right, backstreet's back!

Secondly, I've remembered just why Nick Carter was my childhood crush:

If I were a guy...

... I would totally wear this.

13 December 2010

Hello Jon Kortajarena

There's an awful lot of Jon Kortajarena in my magazines at the moment and I could not be happier, look at him floppy hair and stubble - delightful.

Testino Captures The Prince

So Prince William and Kate Middleton have had their official engagement photographs released and I have to say they look just gorgeous and happy. But as if I wasn't jealous enough of Kate Middleton, for bagging herself a prince, she gets her engagement photographs taken by the spectacular fashion photographer Mario Testino.

12 December 2010

Pink Sunday

Today's Pink Sunday is a warm, cosy one courtesy of John Lewis.

Get yours here.

X Factor Fun

Now last nights X Factor was both exciting and confusing. Exciting due to the Robbie and One Direction duet, which made me feel like I was 15 all over again, and confusing because I loved Rihanna. I mean look at her, I don't pretend to understand the curly red hair but look at her figure! She's instantly made me what to ditch the mince pies this Christmas and eat some lettuce.

And finally here's my guilty pleasure, the Robbie and One Direction duet.

9 December 2010

Dupenny Delights

This week I discovered a wonderful site, Dupenny, its a beautiful place to fulfil your printed needs. Here are my favourites.

Fantastic wallpaper

Wonderland - Get yours here.

And cheeky mugs
Peggy - Get yours here.