30 November 2010

Dress Envy

Cat Deeley is not someone I've ever had a style crush on before but this styling is just perfect! The dress, the hair and simple make up is pretty breath taking.

Lips that make me dreamy

I'm taking a quick break from talking about snow to gush over this gorgeous Lulu Guinness Black Perspex Lips Clutch. Words escape me, it's just beautiful.

29 November 2010

Snow Day: part two

Today was my very first snow day. For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Somerset where if you are lucky there will be a 5 minute flutter of snow that melts as soon as it hits the floor. So when I got a phone call this morning telling me to go home and have a snow day I almost passed out with excitement!! So here's a quick round up of my snow day.

 Me and Nadia enjoying some ice skating in Georges Square.

My trusty Schuh wellies in the snow.

My Glasgow favourites sledging!

Who else had a snow day? What would be your perfect snow day?

Hair Crush Alert

I have a major hair crush on Dannii Minogue. Am I on my own in this?

Snow Days: part one

So here in Glasgow we've had lots of snow so here are a few photographs from my snowy weekend.

Wrapping up to keep my feet dry.

Necropolis  in the snow is beautiful!

Snowy feet.

More of the Glasgow Necropolis.

Snow angel!!

Are you all enjoying the snow kids? Now I'm off to enjoy my official snow day with some ice skating, adios!

What Would Spiderman Do?

Now I try to hide it but I am in fact a massive geek, I love comics and I have a crush on Spiderman. I'd really love this for Christmas from Not On The High Street.

Thank you.

28 November 2010

Stick 'em up...

Inspired by today's fun in the snow I set up this little shot. The snow is the best fake snow I've ever seen, you can get it here, or from a stall on the Christmas market in Glasgow, it even feels like snow! Only not as cold.

Christmas Ribbons

Christmas is coming and I am totally prepared this year. Not only have I done a lot of my shopping but I've even started to wrap them. As always, I'll be wrapping all my gifts in gorgeous brown paper and tons of ribbon and glitter.

Pink Sunday

Today's Pink Sunday is going to be a warm one! These are my favourite things to keep me warm from me ears to my toes, all courtesy of Dorothy Perkins.

Get your headband here.

Click here for the snood.

For the toasty toes click here.

27 November 2010

Reminiscing About Snow

The little flutter of snow this morning inspired me to have a good hunt through last years snow pictures. Whilst everyone was moaning about wet feet and scraping their cars, I was busy making snow angels and snowballs.

 Work in the snow.

 My feet lost in the snow.

 Pretty snow!

The view from my Work window.

Come on snow, I've missed you!

A White Christmas

Growing up in Somerset, I never saw much snow. So now, in Scotland, I get stupidly excited every time there's a hint of snow. This morning I woke up to a sprinkling of the white stuff and let out a big squeal of excitement - which was definitely not music to my fella's ears. So Christmas shopping today was all ready more exciting due to the snow, but then I found the most beautiful Christmas window that I've ever seen. 

Welcome to The White Company window, a little bit of perfection:

 Check out their Christmas Shop for the classiest of Christmas decorations.

26 November 2010

Looking forward to Summer

This Wednesday, I had a day out at the park with Schuh. No I wasn't sat outside in the cold but I was in fact a helping hand at the Spring/Summer press day. So my day in the park had everything I could possibly want; dry grass, picnic baskets tonnes of pretty shoes and even a roundabout. It was a total feast for my eyes!

My favourite group of shoes, little kitten heels for that Mad Men chic! I'm so glad that kitten heels are now popular again because I am 5ft10 and my fella is 5ft11 so I tower over him very as soon as I go near the killer heels. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing most of these mini heels.

Picnic baskets full of men's shoes, bright brogues, deck chairs with boat shoes and colourful umbrellas with sandals hanging from the ceiling. I honestly thought I had died and gone to shoe heaven.
No day in the park would be complete without a colourful roundabout. This roundabout was overflowing with the most beautiful heels, from bold colours to dusky pastels, and block heels to fierce stilettos.

So I know that we aren't in December yet, and we've had no snow but roll on summer, we can't wait for you to arrive.

See some more photo's from the day on the official Schuh Blog here.

25 November 2010

Sparkles are a girls best friend

It's coming up to Christmas and as you should all know by know, I love Christmas! Here's hoping that Santa will bring me these sparkly Cath Kidston earings

They are so beautiful aren't they? Who else has jewellery on their wish list this Christmas?

24 November 2010

Pink Sunday

Last week when I should have been doing my Christmas shopping, I discovered Bombay Duck. 
It is full of beautiful things to fill a home with, here are my favourite pink things:

Get your tea pot hooks here.

 Get the frame here.

My inner magpie draws me to this sparkly make up bag.

21 November 2010

Pink Sunday

Today's Pink Sunday is this gorgeous Diana Mini En Rose. Now I all ready have a Diana Mini but this new pink version is so very tempting!

20 November 2010

Sparkles by Stars & Scars

By now everyone should know just how much I love a good bit of glitter, remember the glitter lips? So can you imagine just how much I love this ring from Stars & Scars. Now if you aren't as much of a pink freak like me you can get them in red, gold, green, blue or silver.

 Get your glittered ring here!

19 November 2010

Red Hair Love!

Since Rihanna appeared on the X Factor a few weeks ago I've been trying to decide whether or not I like her new red hair. Looking at it again today I've decided that I love it. I adore red hair, and having seen these two images it's hard to argue otherwise.

My Cath Kidston Wishlist

Isn't this just the cutest apron in the world? If I had this apron I'd happily stand in the kitchen baking cakes for everyone! Hint hint.

Get it here.

John Lewis Festivities

You may have heard me gushing all ready but have you seen the John Lewis Christmas advert yet? It's so, so, so beautiful, Ellie Goulding's version of Your Song, and I'd have loved a pony like that!

Your Song is one of the most beautiful songs in the world, mostly because of this:

Colin Farrell's London Accent

London is my favourite places in the UK and you really can't beat a proper cockney accent. So put a cockney accent on Colin Farrell and London Boulevard sounds like a little bit of heaven with a brilliant soundtrack.

17 November 2010

Style Crush, Mad Men Style

My Mad Men obsession continues, I'm two episodes from the end of season one and I'm head over heels for Joan Holloway's style. So here is my attempt at a Joan Holloway look for a wedding I was at recently:

The dress is a Dorothy Perkins beauty, with a waist belt (I'm never seen without one) and necklace from  Lovepalypaly.

Get the dress here, if you get it now you'll be getting a bargain - I paid full price!

 Get your moustache here.