30 June 2011

New Shoe Alert!

You heard me, I've been spending... But I'm allowed right? I'll paint you a little picture; so I'm quietly sat at work this yesterday, checking emails and editing photos when these babies drop on to my desk...

These are the shoes that I have been looking for! Purple suede, brogue-ish bar shoes with a teeny tiny flatform. In other words, my kind of heaven. Now all I need to do it resist the black pair...

29 June 2011

The tickets are now diamonds

We all know that I love a good advert, and when this Old Spice ad came out originally, it was pre-blogging for me. But now it's back!

I bloody love it... I'm on a horse.

27 June 2011

Lulu Guinness Decisions

I have decided to take the plunge and invest in a designer bag. After many, many hours flirting with the Mulberry, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, I've settled on Lulu Guinness and more specifically a Lips Clutch.

So now the most important question, which one?! The choices are this red perspex lips clutch, classic and iconic:

Or this fierce beauty, the Black Snakeskin Lips Clutch:

Help me decide please! Which is the best?

26 June 2011

I wish I was in that muddy field

That's right, I, like a lot of people wish I was at Glastonbury! But I'm not, instead I am sat with a coffee and toast going through all the footage dancing in my pyjamas to this:

20 June 2011

Dream House

Now we all know I love bright colours and a dash of ridiculous, so when I stumbled on these Japanese appartment blocks I totally let out a squeal, but can you blame me?

If I'm being honest, these apartments are something out of my fantasy land, I just adore all the colours, lines and curves! For more information check out this blog.

Photos from Curious Places.

19 June 2011

Pink Sunday

I'm so very excited about this week's Pink Sunday because I'm featuring a wonder lady that I met through Flickr, after admiring her photography (see her Flickr here) we've become twitter friends and now I get the privilege of writing about her Etsy store!

Weglet runs an Etsy store with her lovely fella and I've got to admit, their shop might just be one of my favourite places on Etsy! The store is a whole bucket load of LEGO jewellery and here is a selection of my favourite, pink items:

How cute is that ring?! And it's only £3, could you get a better bargain? Get yours here.

And these are my absolute favourites, sweet pink lego studs, get yours here. They are £2.50 and type of earring that I could see myself wearing ALL THE TIME! So if any want to go for a walk into my jewellery box, you know where I am.

16 June 2011

Outfit Help!

I need some help, I'm off to a work party next week and although it is not fancy dress it is an 80s themed night. We are getting our hair done by a stylist (I'm really hoping for bundles of crimping action) and I'll definitely be rocking some shocking pink lippy, but I'm totally stuck on what to wear so I need some help! Do I go down the cool, goth, 80s look a la Madonna?

Or bright, bright, bright like Cyndi Lauper?

15 June 2011

Rocking out with Nessy

I spent this weekend giving out flyers, taking peoples' photographs and dancing around a field by Loch Ness. That's right I was at Rockness and although I really wasn't built for festivals (I was only there one night and felt terrible) I had a fantastic time! And here are some reasons why:

 There are flags everywhere, this makes me insanely happy

Flowered hair bands are a staple wardrobe item

And it is totally acceptable to paint blue stripes and glitter all over my face

Good times!

12 June 2011

Pink Sunday

This is totally over the top, camp and far too excessive. Saying that I'm still completely in love with this chair  from notonthehighstreet.com.


10 June 2011

My Rockness Essentials

This weekend I'm off to Rockness to take some photographs for work. Not only will I be dancing my wellies off with Nessy (that's right, I have every intention of finding the Loch Ness Monster) but it will officially be the furthest north I'll have been in Scotland.. And here are my essentials: Models Own cheek and lip tint (I can not live without rosy cheeks), MAC/Wonder Woman mascara, lots of eyeliner, a flowered head band and last but never least GLITTER!

Stay tuned to twitter for outfits and fun from Rockness.

8 June 2011

Flower Power

Daisies are my favourite flower, I love them so much. So imagine my squeal of delight when this beaut popped into my inbox from Topshop yesterday...

And Now I'm Wonder Woman

For my birthday my lovely fella bought me some Wonder Woman make up from MAC and it's so lovely and geeky that I felt compelled to order some more before it all disappears...

So I ordered more mascara so that when my current one runs out I won't be too sad and some nail polish. Look how cute the nail polish is, good packaging makes me so freaking happy!

Not only is the colour to die for but the pigment is so good, it's a creamy colour that only needed one coat - heaven.

Did anyone else buy any of the Wonder Woman make up? What did you get?

7 June 2011

Glitter is for life...

...not just for Christmas.

I could not agree more! This poster by Lauren Davies from Jiggery Pokery pretty much sums up how I live my life - surrounded by glitter...

If only I had a spare £350 for this print, if you do, get it here!

5 June 2011

Pink Sunday

This Pink Sunday is a hair crush special, in other words it's a heap of photographs of gorgeous pink locks! It's probably a little obvious that I'm slightly pink obsessed...

I can't find where this image is originally from *sob*

See more from BLEACH here.

And whilst I'm talking about pink hair, I can not forget the lovely Kat from Rock'n'Roll Bride who always has the most delightful hair in the world!

Photography credit: Sacco & Sacco Photography

So am I right to give into temptation to do this to my hair again:

Answers on a postcard please!

3 June 2011

A Little Bit Of Geek Love

During all my packing I've had to pack away all my NES things that I've only just set up, it's just reminded me how much I love old school Nintendo! I wish I have a need for more key rings, like these: