31 May 2011

Pink Sunday

In the middle of my hectic weekend moving I missed my Pink Sunday, so here it is, on a Tuesday... I'm obsessed with paper cranes, I seem to make them in my sleep - seriously my apartment was full of them until I moved recently...

Here's me trying to hang cranes years ago at a party...

So imagine my squeal of delight when I found this ceramic crane on ModCloth's website!

Get your own here.

30 May 2011

Geeky Kitty

 Everybody loves a bit of Hello Kitty, especially me and Carol from MyStylisms. So ModCloth (who can do no wrong in my eyes anyway) put some geek glasses on and I'm pretty much in love with it!

Get yours here.

24 May 2011

Dancing Clothes Make Me Smile

Another amazing advert, this time from Cadbury, it looks like it was so much fun to make! I'm so glad that adverts are finally getting better again, I've missed awesome adverts!

23 May 2011

Talk Talk, Sob Sob

I love a good advert more than I love tea, yes you heard me.. So the new Talk Talk advert, that literally brought a tear to my eye, is so cute and so stunning. I love it!

22 May 2011

Tattoo Help

I have no tattoos, but the more I look at other peoples tattoos the more desperately I want one. I have made the decision that I definitely do want one, but I've changed my mind about what to have done three times this week! But I think I've finally settled between two ideas, and now I need your help to decide! Firstly a tattoo like this from my favourite childhood book The Little Prince (which I hope you've all read because it's beautiful) but I'd have it further up my arm:

Or one of the Kodama's from Princess Mononoke:

Pink Sunday

As I'm in the middle of packing my flat up to move house (hence the lack of blogging and lots of moaning in twitter) and I could really do with this!


20 May 2011


How amazing are these toy planters from Plaid Pigeon. I wonder if I could make planters out of toys too...

Style Crush!

How amazing did Gwen Stefani look at Cannes? Her dress, by her own label L.A.M.B., is so beautiful!

Photo credit.

16 May 2011

Before Pinterest

...there were magazine cut outs, post it notes and bull dog clips

As much as I love Pinterest, (if you follow my boards you'll see just how much I'm on it) but that hasn't stopped my need to rip images out of magazines in a frenzy with post it's! Does anyone else still do this, even will all the fashion blogs and stunning images on Pinterest? I still can't help collecting magazine pages even after graduating (ahem, a few years ago).

13 May 2011

Lavender Locks

You may have heard me backing on about this hair colour on Twitter:

So instead of just leaving my hair blonde at the weekend, I decided to pile on some lilac, pink and white toner on to my freshly bleached head to recreate this look and this is what I came up with:

I'm not going to lie, I love it!

8 May 2011

Pink Sunday

I have had a lovely Sunday, it started as I think all good Sundays should, with poached eggs! After my eggs I trotted on over to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, which was a little piece of heaven. After much ooh-ing and ahh-ing everything I settled on sensible purchases like this scarf:

And these brooches from Rare and Flair, at two for £5 you can't argue!

I really think that I need to just raid my grannies wardrobe for scarves and brooches, surely that would save me money and free up some space for her - that's bound to be a useful suggestion right?

7 May 2011


For someone my age I should really be over the whole Hello Kitty fad, but no way! I love a good bit of Hello Kitty (see previous posts here). So imagine my squeal of delight when I saw these geeky glasses. I'm sure you'll agree they are blooming beautiful!

5 May 2011

Cupcake Stand

So many of you will have heard me banging on about this cake stand from Accessorize and it finally arrived this week. But it's just too pretty to put actual cupcakes on, I mean what if I get icing on it? I then came up with a genius idea, I always forget just how much jewellery I have because it's mostly hidden away in my jewellery boxes (they are super pretty but enclosed) especially all my flowers and brooches. So instead of cakes I'm going to put out all of my brooches and pretty jewellery so that I can see them all of the time. Here is the stand empty, see it's too pretty:

And all my junk:

Now I can see it all - yay!

2 May 2011

Glitter is my Prozac

So my friend Carol from My Stylisms found this illustration for me and it couldn't be more me! Glitter is my favourite thing on the planet and when I'm feeling down I have been known to put bucket loads across my eyes and go out and dance away my troubles!

She found it here

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Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is a taste of something I'm waiting for in the post. I got an email from Accessorize had to hold in a squeal when I saw this camera. I honesly can not wait for it to arrive on my desk at work, lets hope that the sun keeps shining so that I can play in the sun with my new camera!


1 May 2011

The Royal Wedding - Us and Them

So it's said that everyone loves a wedding, especially when it's a Royal Wedding. I've only just been able to pull myself away from all the newspapers and news coverage of William and Catherine's wedding on Friday. Sadly for the actual event I was at work, but we made the most of it with bunting, flags and Pimms...

But we did manage to sneak a few glimpses of what was going on sigh in awe of Catherine Middleton's breathtaking dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen:

This dress is so beautiful and I honestly think it will be timeless, it's a very close second in my all time favourites of Royal wedding dresses.  But nothing can beat Princess Margaret's:

We also managed to get a cheeky print screen of the couples kiss on the balcony!

Then this is where it all gets a little weird, to celebrate the Royal Wedding me and some friends decided to gather at my flat for scones, fizz and highlights of the wedding; dresses as the Royal Family....

Weird! Were you all watching? I'll give you my favourite outfits later today, right now I'm off to buy some more newspapers and look at more photos of the wedding.