24 January 2013

I am Totoro

Some times the best things in life are simple, order a Totoro onsie (from Amazon), wait very impatiently for it to arrive, then jump around the studio at work.

15 January 2013

Why do I love my job?

This is why I bloody love my job, I get to stare at shoes I want and take photographs of them, what's not to love?
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13 January 2013

The Poodle. Done.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had every intention of leaving the house and doing things, but then I made a cuppa, sat down and read this cover to cover
Then things got a little weird, I remembered I had the Style Me Vintage book about hair by Belinda Hay (which is one of the best books I own and it's now really super cheap on Amazon) and suddenly had the over whelming urge to perfect the Poodle...
Now this photograph from the book looks AMAZING, off I popped into my bedroom with rollers, curling tongs and hairspray. Now if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'll have seen constant updates about how I wasn't sure I could pull this look off. But, once I finally got out of my pjs and put a dress and some make up on I ended up looking like this
and I have to say, I think it bloody worked! 

So, I have a new New Year's resolution, perfect more vintage hair styles because they are awesome! But what next?

2 January 2013

My Year, in Hair Colours...

I'm still in that reflective, new year, lets reminisce about 2012 kind of mood, there's been quite a few things that I'll always remember, finally being diagnosed with a wheat intolerance (so expect some wheat free recipes, the good, the bad, the disastrous will all get a shot on the blog!), screaming at Westlife, finally getting a house bunny, meeting a real life llama, but what's the thing that stands out most for me? My hair, I've been through the lot this year! 

It started the year blonde.
 Then accidentally went neon.
 Back to blonde, with a moustache, naturally.
 Then red.
 Which faded to orange (and I found my hair twin).
 Purple and another moustache.
And finally, I ended the year jet black.
I have every intention of staying dark (I'll try my best anyway) and growing locks until they look like Zooey Deschanel's, because, well look at it!

Goodbye 2012

People say that Christmas is just for the kids, it's just not the same once you're an adult. I beg to differ and here is why:

I failed miserably at packing on my first attempt.
I got one of the best Christmas cards from one of my best friends Dave (along with a beautiful bread maker).
I stared longingly at the Smith tree.
I made the best chocolate house with my cousin.
And partied with Christmas pirates.
I returned home to find an inspirational quote on my work computer.
Customised my New Year outfit 10 minutes before leaving my flat.
And then partied with these beauts.
This is why I love this time of year. Hope you've all had a spectacular time!

Bring it on 2013.