31 March 2011

Neat Nails

These nails are so unbelievably stunning, I could cry! Inspired by Cath Kidston, these nails are so beautiful, I've got all of these colours but my hands are just not steady enough, does anyone else want to try for me?

I found this image on Pinterest but I can't find where it was originally from!

27 March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Birthday Girl

As some of my twitter followers will know it was my 25th birthday on Friday, or as I like to call it, 24th again... So here's what I got up to, I got up all blurry eyed to my mum and dad singing Happy Birthday at the top of their voices with these cupcakes, what beauts!

I totally demolished my pink presents, there's photographic proof in my previous post. Once I'd got myself together and made meself look presentable my parents, boyfriend and I headed over to The Blind Pig for afternoon tea with a twist. The intoxicating tea rooms serve cocktails instead of tea in the teapots, it was actual heaven!

How genius is this idea? Above the bar there are glasses hanging from lights by fishing wire, I spent ages just staring at the sparkling glass, love.

And proof of my shiny happy birthday face, and my dad's!

The guy in the background is just shaking a cocktail... but he looks mad.

Pink Sunday

This Pink Sunday is a totally selfish one, here is my living room floor on Friday, also know as my birthday

26 March 2011

Mr Porter + Chris O'Dowd = Lush

I adore everything about Net A Porter and it's brother Mr Porter is super hot. So the other day when I got an email through from Mr Porter with the lovely Chris O'Dowd on I let out a little squeal (I was at my desk at work and yes I got a few funny looks), how good does he look?

I'm a massive fan of his anyway after first watching him as Roy in The IT Crowd

And more recently as the adorable Simple Simon in The Boat That Rocked

20 March 2011

Don't you dare Glasgow...

You may have all heard my lack of enthusiasm for Glasgow's weather recently on twitter, I mean snow in March, come on! So this post is simply a warning that if my mac is telling me the truth and it snows on Friday (aka my birthday) I'll be very upset and I apologise now for the profanities that will probably be flowing all day...

A Boots-tastic Day

I love Boots a little too much, I can spend hours in there browsing hair and make up and dreaming of all the pretty things that I could do.. I went a little mad yesterday but John Frieda has a wonderful range called Luxurious Volume, which I totally swear by to give my hair some body.

I did not realise that Boots stocked Models Own, honestly I almost passed out with joy! So after picking up 5 nail polishes, yes 5, I realised I was being a little hasty and settled on these beautiful colours, jade stone and sterling silver. I was far too excited about the two new colours so instead of calming down I just put both colours on my nails! I also managed to track down the Rimmel Matte Finish that my friend Beesley introduced me to the other week.

The Rimmel Matte Finish takes colours from the super shiny gloss like this:

To beautifully chalky and matte. I'm in love with it, all my nail polished will be matte from now on.

Pink Sunday

What do you get if you put two of my favourite things together (pink and shoes being my favourites)? You get some sweet Kandee love. I've blogged before about how much I love Kandee, see my previous posts here. The Raspberry Sours are such a stunning colour, and perfect for finishing off a colour blocking outfit.

Get yourself over here if you love them too.

But if you are like me, far too tall, then these Fuchsia Liquorice Allsoles are perfect! Little shiny ballet pumps are my fashion essential and will the flash of fuchsia on the sole makes them cute as well as a staple for my wardrobe.

18 March 2011

Red Head Envy

There's nothing like Mad Men to brighten my day. So when Dave found this image on Pinterest it cheered me right up! I want to look like this:

17 March 2011

Gypsy Punk Fun

Gogol Bordello are one of my favourite bands in the world! Eugene Hutz has such an infectious energy, he just makes me want to give up working, buy a caravan and tour the world partying! So when I went to see them live in Edinburgh on Monday I was a little bit excited! Here are some pictures of my delightfully gypsy night.

And because my photos are pretty bad (I was doing too much dancing!!), here's a video:

15 March 2011

Flower Girl

I can not wait until we  get into summer so that I can start to wear my flower head band! It's been sat on my bookshelf for  about six months and it's dying for a good shot in the sun. Let's hope it's not too far off, but if you follow me on twitter you'll probably have heard that it's been snowing in Glasgow today. Sad times.

13 March 2011

Pink Sunday

This weeks Pink Sunday is cute and sweet from Bombay Duck. This cupcake trinket box could be perfect for my bedroom (sorry Tom) for those pieces of jewellery that it just lying on my shelf right now!

Get yours here.

11 March 2011

Geek Post

My inner geek squealed with excitement when I saw these cushions on Pinterest. Craft Squatch on Etsy makes cushions for geeks like me, everything from Photoshop to Android logos for your home, amazing!

Photoshop logo.

Twitter cushion.

10 March 2011

Delightful Dipping

As everyone in the world knows, I slightly obsessed by hair. I'm currently growing my locks and it's the longest that it has been for years, I'm so excited! I have been inspired by the BLEACH tumblr and I can't wait for it to grow enough for me to start dip dying it, it all looks so freaking pretty, I mean look at these:

9 March 2011

Tache Tastical

How amazing are these nails? This evening I will mostly be trying to recreate. 

Wish me luck! 

8 March 2011

Vintage Love

My lovely friend over at My Stylisms, Carol has just set up her very own vintage Etsy shop. I think you'll agree that it's very exciting, especially as she asked me to do her photography. Here are my favourites from her shop:

Red Cocktail-Style Dress, this is the cutest dress I've seen in ages but it's a size 12 so I have no hope of getting in to it! View it here.

I love that this jumper reminds me of Neapolitan ice-cream, that's right, ice-cream, go and have a look here.

So that's a little sneak peek and now you have no excuse to go over and buy pretty vintage clothes. Go buy vintage and be merry!

7 March 2011

Hair-spiration Resolved!

How was everyone's weekend? I've had a great one, visiting my best friends in London! They booked us tickets to the Wam Bam Club at Cafe de Paris and with it being a burlesque night I thought I needed some help coming up with something new to do with my hair. Hair-spiration came from the lovely Kelly from Hair Advice And All Things Nice (see her post here) so the start of this post is a huge thank you to her! I tried out some victory rolls and here's how it turned out:

So back to the Wam Bam Club, I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! My highlight? These guys, Scales of the Unexpected made me laugh so much that I cried, amazing.

6 March 2011

Pink Sunday

Now this is a quick Pink Sunday (I'm writing it on Thursday because I'll be away this weekend) but is it no less beautiful. I honestly think this dress from ModCloth has been passed down from the angels. Sadly they don't have it in my size, it's still too beautiful not to blog about.

Take a look at the dress here.

3 March 2011

Billions of Balloons

This is such a stunning birthday table! If someone did this for my birthday, I would love them forever (it's 25th March by the way).

1 March 2011

In Need of Hair-spiration

That's right people I am in need of some inspiration for my hair. As most of you know, I'm really obsessed with hair, my hair, your hair, models hair, lots of hair. I've had lots of love about my hair style today, messy bun and head scarf combo turned out to be a winner:

But I'm after some help for the weekend, I'm going to a burlesque night and not only do I not know what to where but what to do with my hair? I mean what does one wear to a burlesque night? Old school glamour waves, quiff, I have no clue, ideas on a postcard!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Everyone knows that I love old Hollywood glamour, so I am devastated to hear the news that Jane Russell has passed away. Between her and Marilyn Monroe, they created my absolute favourite look, perfectly coiffured hair and teeny tiny waists. So her are a few photo's of Jane Russell looking stunning, she was a total inspiration.

To Tattoo Or Not

I'm constantly umm-ing and ar-ing about getting a tattoo, I know that if I ever get married and had a tattoo I would panic about how it would look. However these cute birds are just so classy and sweet no?