30 August 2010

Lady Luck Rules OK

I've had a very busy weekend what with photographing some models on Friday, as I mentioned in a previous post, and on Sunday I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Lady Luck Rules OK Workshop and Trade Secrets Talk in Glasgow. Now, yes I am a photographer by trade but I like to dabble with jewellery for myself and my friends, so I thought I'd go along and see if I could get any business tips from a fellow creative.

Now the thought of learning about how to run a business instantly puts me to sleep, the thought of trying to work out pricing, over heads and book keeping sounds like my idea of hell. So although I was looking forward to meeting Leona from Lady Luck Rules OK and hearing all about how she set up and ran her business, I was still rather worried that the boring stuff would still be, well boring. But there was no need to worry! Not only was Leona easy to listen to, she was full of great advice and I came away with tons of notes and a surprise personalised necklaces for everyone.

So if anyone is thinking of going to one of these workshops I absolutely urge you to go! Do it! 

To top it all off the workshop was held in Auntie M's Cake Lounge! If you love real tea pots, home-made cakes and all things 50s you need to go! 

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