15 July 2010

I heart Kandee

So, as you all know I am more than a little bit shoe mad. Not only do I get my daily shoe fix at work but I'm always stalking the internet trying to find new, pretty things to occupy my mind. Recently I found Kandee shoes and things started to become very sweet. Shoes like this are hard to resist...

I've been toying back and forth about whether to invest in some beauties but as I'm reasonably tall and the boy is not much taller I've been putting it off. Then this week the lovely tweeter at Kandee dropped this lush bombshell on me! 

Not only are there ballet pumps but there are studs, everywhere! I now have something very exciting to look forward to for A/W!! So thank you very much people at Kandee for brightening up my grey and rainy day.


  1. Yeah, Im kind of dying over all of Kandee's shoes

  2. I love them so much! The blue & yellow edges and the baby blue studded heels are my favourites.


  3. The Blue studded heels are also completely beautiful!