4 September 2011

Pink Sunday

You may have seen my pink ombre nails earlier in the week, if you didn't you can see them here. So I decided to team them with my newly purchased face paint from Models Own and use it as lipstick - I am now a total convert! The colour is so strong and bright!

Now I am taking the boy to Edinburgh for lunch with one of my besties and her sister, I can't wait! Enjoy the sunny Sunday everyone!


  1. wow loving that colour !!!! does it last a long time, it's so pretty and really suits you kitten x

  2. Aw thanks lady! It lasts pretty well actually, I'd totally recommend it :) xxx

  3. Sunny Sunday!? Lucky you.

    I love hot pink lips, I'm a recent convert and a bit obsessed with it. I tried bright red so many times, but was never sure it really suited me. Pink works a lot better, just a bright, but more playful. Looking good!!


  4. Sunday was chilly but really bright! Lovely! I always go for red to be sensible and pink to be playful :)

    Amy xxx