24 October 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is my favourite time of year (after Christmas that is), but this year I am unable to party away in a home-made outfit - which usually falls apart by the end of the night - but that has not stopped me obsessing over all the Halloween goodies that are out there just now (you should see my Pinterest board).

These pumpkins are so cute and fun, but Pinterest, being Pinterest means that I can't find the origin of the pin!

Martha Stewart has created my absolute perfect dinner table for the occassion, it has it all, black glitter, black candles and skulls, what more could you want?

And again from Martha Stewart, my favourite Halloween decoration, bats in the lampshade!  

Despite not having much of a Halloween this year, I have been working on a little treat which I'll share with you all once I take some good photos. Stay tuned!


  1. You just love any holiday that allows for excessive decorating don't you? Nowt wrong with that...x