23 November 2011

Vintage Pink

So, you all know that I am obsessed with my hair and I've had it pink for a while now so when I saw Katy Perry had gone pink too I was a little sad (but only because I thought it might lead to hundreds of copy cats!) and it's so pretty!
Now, the purpose of this blog post is for one of you lovelies to help me figure out how to style my hair like this:

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  1. hi i work in a hairdressers and a ghd man came in and showed us how to do the fringe katy has firstly u need 2 chopstickes tied together with string at one end (it maes it tight). then u need to section the hair and tie it with a small elastic band. useing the chopsticks put the hair between the chopsticks just under the band now all u need to doo is twist the hair and pin it... then all u need to do is to curl the reamaining hair. hope it helped sorry for bad explanation....