3 January 2012

I Have Returned!

Happy New Year! I had a pretty manic December, but now it is 2012 and things seem to have returned to normal! So I am well and truly back in the land of blogging. As I've been so busy I thought I'd tell you all what I've been up to, my December looked a lot like this:

I have bought a flat, moved in and all ready made a start on a picture wall

I put up my Christmas tree before unpacking any boxes

I acquired yet more moustaches

And then before I knew it, I was home for Christmas where I ate far too much turkey, wore a tiny elf hat and pulled faces

That pretty much sums up the last few weeks of 2011, now bring on 2012!


  1. You've managed to put up pictures already!? You've just moved in, you dynamo!!! You're putting me to shame!

    Welcome back!


  2. Loving the picture wall, glad you enjoyed your christmas :)

  3. ah, i'm looking to buy a place this year and can't wait to create my own picture wall (somehow I don't think my current landlord would appreciate me drilling loads of holes in his wall!) xx

  4. I think I've gotten a little too excited about the picture wall... It grows everyday! Xx