5 March 2012

Tea Parties, Moustaches and Taxidermy?

Tea Parties, Moustaches and Taxidermy? I'm there! Saturday saw Kelvingrove Museum hold A Very Grand Day Out, which was essentially some Victorian activities dotted around the museum. I did discover a few things though, there is a bust of the lady herself, Queen Vic that is:

I would have made a good Victorian lady - look at all that padding she's using to make her bum look bigger! 


 I enjoy a good bit of taxidermy (I wonder if Cupcake would like a bow tie) even if it's lots of animal bits made into a weird, mutant animal.

 And I suit a moustache...

The rest of my weekend was all a little less weird, mostly due to the cold I appear to be harbouring in my face... I discovered that my rabbit has a taste for my slipper and I baked this Cinnamon Sugar pull apart bread by Joy the Baker and it was delightful!!

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