20 May 2012

Pink Sunday

Pink Sunday has returned with a very special arrival to my life.. You may have seen my excitement via twitter on Thursday when I realised that my shiny new Cambridge Satchel was out for delivery! I've been resisting for a while but two weeks ago, I finally cave. I would like to formally introduce you to my pink, 15 inch Classic Cambridge Satchel, isn't he beautiful?

It's official, I am in love.

Even Cupcake was excited for his arrival...


  1. I'm jealous i love a good satchel, I had a petrol blue satchel but it's broke now :( cos of you tweeting about satchels its made me start looking at a red one on zatchels. Very dear though I blame u if I end up buying one :)

  2. Love this! Can't think of anything I want more right now than a bubblegum pink satchel! It's divine!


  3. Maybe you just put the wrong titles at last blog and this is the totally pink bags in my opinion, if you want to choose some different designer satchel bags for women or fashion leather embossed hobo bags you can try them at cwmalls!

  4. Love the bag! I was wondering if that's the default pink one from the classic collection cos I understand Cambridge Satchel launched a few shades of pink. Was thinking of getting the pink one from the classic collection but I'm not too sure how shade is like. From past experiences, I can't rely on photos cos of different screen resolution. It would help if you could describe the pink for me. Is it more hot pink or baby pink?

    1. It's the baby pink Classic, like the photographs. It's an amazing bag though, I'd definitely recommend it to everyone.