4 March 2013

Productive Weekend

This weekend was so very productive! I finally unpacked the last of my boxes from moving into my flat... over a year ago now, I'm embarrassed but it's totally done now and looks amazing!
I had the tastiest burger (yes, without the bun)
I got my hair chopped
I started reading Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales, which are so dark! But Cupcake wanted in on the book...
Put up my swallows
And finally sorted out my fairy lights!
All in all, productive and pretty.


  1. Yay for a productive weekend. I've been packing as well.

    1. Packing to move house? Exciting! I don't mind packing, it's the unpacking that makes me sad! X

  2. OMG dude... I think we might have twin lives:

    *It took me a year (maybe even... longer!) to unpack when I moved into my flat

    *I prefer a burger without the bun (the bun is the boring bit(

    *I want the whole collection of those cloth bound Penguin classics.


    Also loving the swallows and the fairylights xx