15 April 2013

Hairdo A Day - Days 7 and 8

I'm not sure if day 7 involved a little bit of cheating because it's not my hair (no matter how much I wish it was) so the long blue wig was in aid of my friend's Under The Sea birthday party, which you may have seen me preparing for on Instagram. In case you can't tell from this quick snap, I am the sea, hence the Titanic on my head (before it met the iceberg of course).
And day 8 was inspired by my favourite woman in the world Christina Hendricks, more specifically her character in Mad Men - Joan! What a total babe with this bouffant hair:
and here's my straighter version - sadly if you saw me at work today you'll know that it flopped pretty early in the day.


  1. I love the boat hair for the Under Sea party, amazing!

    1. Thanks! I need to find someone with a full length photo of the whole outfit x