13 July 2011

DIY Hair Crush

I currently have dip dyed hair, blonde to red (although it was meant to be pillarbox red!!) and although I love it, it was a bit of a po-lava to do myself. I wish I'd have seen this first because it looks so much simpler than splodging it on and hoping for the best. Maybe next time I'll go multi-coloured?! Does anyone know where it's from? I can't find the original source on Pinterest and it looks like a site that I'd really adore.


  1. I wanna be a Blonde (Gwen Stefani style) but my hair is so dark that it would definitely snap off. I'm jealous that you can dip dye!!! xx

  2. Aw I always wanted black hair! I dyed it black for years!!! It's taken me ages to get it white again :) xx