29 July 2011

More Sparkly Nails

I love nail polish, in fact I feel naked without a colour but my nails are a bit on a state because of it! So in an attempt to get my nails to grow a little and stop flaking at the ends, I am going polish free for a few days - eek! But instead of just putting on my strengthener polish and cuticle oil I have decided to make the best of boring clear polish... how? Buy adding glitter of course!


  1. Genius plan and they look cracking! How exactly did you do this?!

    Caz x

  2. Oh Carol it's so, so easy! Just one coat of strengthener, let it dry, then a wipe of strengthener across the end and sprinkle the glitter on. Wait for the polish to dry and blow excess glitter off. Simple :)

    Amy x

  3. love this, scared I will get glitter everywhere but definitely up for the challenge. random question- what kind of glitter did you use & did it stay put?x

  4. Oh I get glitter everywhere!! But my house is always covered in glitter... I just used Stargazer glitter that's for your eyes, and I sprinkle it on wet polish and it sticks pretty well actually. You'll have to tweet me a picture of your go :) good luck! Xx