23 February 2012

Hair Colour Help

I am going to ditch my pink locks (again), after all the problems I had, what with it being way to bright, like neon, now it's finally the right colour but my roots are showing, it's all a bit too much.

So, I have a goal! This is my goal:

But I have no idea how to achieve this, any ideas anyone?


  1. That is a gorge look! I know you like to DIY but if your thinking of going to a hairdresser then I really recommend the Rainbow Rooms on Great Western Road (it has to be THAT Rainbow Rooms), in particular, ask for Kylie!

  2. I do like to DIY! But I need a hair cut soon and I do go to a RRI in town.. Well I've been to the George Square and Royal Exchange Square one too but I'm still trying to find my perfect hairdresser... Nightmare! X