1 February 2012


In amongst all the talk of January blues, I've been busying myself with a little project for a very talented friend of mine. DanYELL is a Glasgow based surface pattern designer (get yourself to her shop here) and I was lucky enough to take some promotional photographs for her. Here's a sneak peak of her getting our lovely model Louise (who was also the make up artist that day) ready:

And the finished shot:

There are more to come but this is my favourite by far! 

Catch DanYELL at Gin in teacups (vintage/fashion/craft market) this Sunday at Chambre 69 (tunnel between urban outfitters and subway), Glasgow and maybe go wild and buy a scarf or card.


  1. I love the shot, it is so fun & whimsical. I have been looking for new head scarves for a while so I may just have to pop by. xxx

    1. Thanks! You should come along, I'll be there handing out my business card to anyone that looks at Danielle's stall xx