2 January 2013

My Year, in Hair Colours...

I'm still in that reflective, new year, lets reminisce about 2012 kind of mood, there's been quite a few things that I'll always remember, finally being diagnosed with a wheat intolerance (so expect some wheat free recipes, the good, the bad, the disastrous will all get a shot on the blog!), screaming at Westlife, finally getting a house bunny, meeting a real life llama, but what's the thing that stands out most for me? My hair, I've been through the lot this year! 

It started the year blonde.
 Then accidentally went neon.
 Back to blonde, with a moustache, naturally.
 Then red.
 Which faded to orange (and I found my hair twin).
 Purple and another moustache.
And finally, I ended the year jet black.
I have every intention of staying dark (I'll try my best anyway) and growing locks until they look like Zooey Deschanel's, because, well look at it!


  1. Yikes, I sort of love the neon, but I would never be brave enough.

  2. Wow, love all those hair colours! I particularly love the purple, and the orange locks above it!

  3. I wish I could have pink hair! I'd have to bleach it forever (probably till it fell out) to make it pale enough to take! xx

    1. Oh my, I can't imagine bleaching your hair that much! Don't do it, get a wig!!