13 January 2013

The Poodle. Done.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had every intention of leaving the house and doing things, but then I made a cuppa, sat down and read this cover to cover
Then things got a little weird, I remembered I had the Style Me Vintage book about hair by Belinda Hay (which is one of the best books I own and it's now really super cheap on Amazon) and suddenly had the over whelming urge to perfect the Poodle...
Now this photograph from the book looks AMAZING, off I popped into my bedroom with rollers, curling tongs and hairspray. Now if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'll have seen constant updates about how I wasn't sure I could pull this look off. But, once I finally got out of my pjs and put a dress and some make up on I ended up looking like this
and I have to say, I think it bloody worked! 

So, I have a new New Year's resolution, perfect more vintage hair styles because they are awesome! But what next?

1 comment:

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