2 March 2014

Food, a hat and jelly shoes

I'm back! With tasty food and new purchases - one of which I'm still not completely happy with but here goes:
Shoes: I finally (after a 20 year wait) got some jelly shoes, these beauts are from schuh, obviously and I love them. As soon as it stops raining I'll be purchasing the purple and probably the glitter too!
Dress: This is pretty old now, but a total favourite. It's a wrap around Dorothy Perkins dress which always makes me feel half way between a ballet teacher and a witch. They don't stock it any more but it's pretty much this.
Hat: Now this is the tricky one... I absolutely love hats but I'm just never quite brave enough to buy one until now! With some gentle (actually, it wasn't gentle at all) encouragement from Carol, the hat was bought and after staring at it for a full week I donned the hat for a jaunt to the cinema with my man friend.
But now I'm lusting over this H&M bag to go with this outfit too so that I look more witchy...
This weekend was also filled with really good food:
You can't beat poached eggs and bacon on a gluten free roll. I'm now off to see if my Deliciously Ella inspired brownies are set enough for some photographs and testing.

Ciao for now,

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