30 July 2010

Postcard loving

So I've recently discovered the best thing I've found in a long time. I love a good postcard, it doesn't matter what it on it, or who it's from, I just love them. I really adore writing to people, much to my friends' annoyance I'm sure... I honestly believe that the Facebook and blogs have ruined the joys of letters and postcards. Now before people get upset because I'm writing this on a blog, yes I love the internet; it's freaking awesome, but getting an email just isn't as exciting as getting real handwritten post. Rant over - sorry.

So the idea of postcrossing is that you sign up and request an address, to this address you send a postcard. Once the person at the other end of your postcard has received it, they tell the site and your address gets placed next on the list for someone to send a card to you. Brilliant! Getting real postcards from real people from all over the world (not just my granny on her holiday) what could be better?

Welcome to the world of postcrossing.

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