26 November 2010

Looking forward to Summer

This Wednesday, I had a day out at the park with Schuh. No I wasn't sat outside in the cold but I was in fact a helping hand at the Spring/Summer press day. So my day in the park had everything I could possibly want; dry grass, picnic baskets tonnes of pretty shoes and even a roundabout. It was a total feast for my eyes!

My favourite group of shoes, little kitten heels for that Mad Men chic! I'm so glad that kitten heels are now popular again because I am 5ft10 and my fella is 5ft11 so I tower over him very as soon as I go near the killer heels. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing most of these mini heels.

Picnic baskets full of men's shoes, bright brogues, deck chairs with boat shoes and colourful umbrellas with sandals hanging from the ceiling. I honestly thought I had died and gone to shoe heaven.
No day in the park would be complete without a colourful roundabout. This roundabout was overflowing with the most beautiful heels, from bold colours to dusky pastels, and block heels to fierce stilettos.

So I know that we aren't in December yet, and we've had no snow but roll on summer, we can't wait for you to arrive.

See some more photo's from the day on the official Schuh Blog here.

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