16 November 2010

Kate's bagged herself a prince

I love weddings and I love the Royal Family, so today when I heard that Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton I almost squealed with joy! I was at work so I did manage to contain my squeal, it was more of a muffled squeak. I am so excited to see the dresses at their wedding next spring/summer but this does mean that there's yet another prince that has not proposed to me. I may never become a princess at this rate!

He has given her Diana's stunning ring, no matter how beautiful it is I do think it's a litter weird and I hope that the press don't start comparing the poor girl to Diana.

Look at their shiny, happy faces. Doesn't Kate have just perfect hair? I've very jealous of both her hair and that one day she'll be a queen.


  1. You're so middle England - fnar!

  2. I'm sure that you mean that as an insult but I'm really not. I promise to give you a good piece of jewellery when I'm queen x