22 January 2011

Not an easy post to write

So those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen my tweets this morning about dieting and I got so much support on twitter that I thought I would write a post about it. Every year I make a resolution to eat less food and drink more water regardless of my size, and I stick to it for about a week and go back to eating sweets and drinking cider. Now that I live in Scotland, I work in an office with a canteen that serves food deep fried with a side of mayonnaise coated salad where I actually saw a fella put a Scotch pie in a roll - no word of a lie! Understandably, I have piled on a fair few pounds..

This is me at my preferred size, only a few years ago with a teeny waist and no double chin!

Now don't  get me wrong, I'm not some hefer who only wears jogging bottoms! Luckily I stay the same shape regardless of my size and I've learnt an awful lot from Gok Wan over the years on how to dress my shape accordingly:

But even with the waist belts, control pants/tights and hours of standing up straight with my tummy pulled in, it's just not quite enough. I am just not a gym bunny so I've decided to go on the hunt for a good diet/eating plan and after flirting with the idea of the dreaded cabbage soup diet the lovely Ree has suggested the Dukan Diet (and she has a cracking figure). Is anyone else doing it? After doing to reading online it seems like a good plan that will lead me into a more long term healthy lifestyle rather than just a crash diet followed by a binge on sweets!

So any other suggestions of a good diet, advice on how you keep your figure would be fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to read my first 'serious' post - don't panic - I'll still be posting the colourful and light hearted posts I always do :)


  1. oh hun, i think you look amazing as you are in that photo - you're shape is super sexy! I do know exactly how you feel though and no telling you will make you feel better. I did Celebrity Slim a while back and lost a stone - I have started again this week in a bid to lose another stone. I would try Dukan diet but I find celeb slim so easy and enjoyable that I have been sticking to it well. Good Luck whatever eating plan you go for xx

  2. You look gorgeous lovely. Those are some killer curves.

    But I know that it's frustrating when people tell you that you don't need to lose weight, especially when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and you know how fabulous you can be.

    All diets are hard really because food is just too damn yummy. I am a serious food lover but I terrible pig so I tend to veer from one extreme to the other!

    The reason I am super motivated on the Dukan is because it promises to get you where you want to be. Then it sets you up to be able to keep off the weight and move back towards normal eating. Then you move on to the 'rest of your life' phase where you can really eat whatever you want with just a few conditions which include, taking the stairs, drinking tonnes of water, having oatbran every day and most importantly, one day a week you eat nothing but protein.

    I love it because there is no weighing and measuring, there's a clear list of what you can and can't have, and during the main part of the diet you alternate between 2 different types of days, so you don't get too bored.

    If you want to know anything else, just tweet me.

    I am not a total expert yet but I'm getting there.

    The one thing I would say is that you shouldn't bother unless you are prepared to commit to the whole plan. Otherwise it could just serve as another diet that you yoyo on and off.

    You should go to www.dukandiet.co.uk and fill out the true weight questionnaire which will then produce a forecast of how the diet will look in terms of phases and timescales.

    You can then decided whether you think it is something that you can manage or would even consider.

    Good luck lovely. You just have to do what you think will make you happy. If that is accepting the way you are now then, fabulous! But if it's not then grab some control and start getting happier, whichever path you take.

    I know how important self image is because it is something I have struggled with through my whole life to differing extents.

    I'll always be happy to chat with you about it and I have to say that Twitter is a brilliant support I have have found some lovely Dukanites that have given advice and encouragement!

    Chat soon (and so sorry to have gone on and on!!)


  3. I haven't started a 'diet' as such for my new year's resolution but instead I've now got at least 1 salad night a week and there are some really amazing salads that are still nice and filling and satisfying on the bbc good food pages, instead of taking sweets and nibbles to uni with me to snack on I go to the healthfood shops and have lots of tastey treats like dried fruits and seeds and mixing some yoghurt coated goodies in there for a sweet little treat.

    Just cutting out things like sweets, chocolate, crips and sugary drinks and swapping them with healthy snacky bits has made such a difference, I lost just over half a stone in about 2 weeks so it definately works!

    Good luck with it all! :)

  4. i've always tried to diet but lose motivation midway. :/ i guess it's best to just do everything in moderation and stay motivated. find friends who'll keep you focus, have a mantra or something but just keep your eye on the goal. :) you can do it dear!


  5. Thank you all for your support, it means an awful lot! xxx

  6. i know you said you are not a gym bunny but i like to run and go to the gym at uni (john street in town) for a wee treadmill so if you ever felt like it i am more than happy for you to be my guest (i can take like 2 guests in with me its £4). when i was losing my study belly for the wedding the combination of diet and exercize was good cause once you lost a bit it would look waaay better if it was a bit toned too. good luck with the diet xx

  7. Well, if you want a bud in the office with a similar goal, count me in. I'm conciously trying to avoid 'diets' as they all seems to work in the short terms then go tits up pronto. The only pounds I end up losing long term are £s! For now, I'm trying to focus on having my porridge with some kind of fruit and some nuts in it for good all morning energy (Plus it helps that I actually like porridge!), a sensible lunch brought from home, more fruit n nuts for afternoon snackery and a sensible tea. I really don't love the gym at all but I do need to tone/fitten (who knows if that's a word!) up so I'm upping my zumba-ing (which I genuinely enjoy!) and adding in swimming too. And I think its helping. I weighed myself on Saturday morning and the number was smaller than I've seen in a long time. Anyhoo, as I say, if there's any way you think we can keep each other on the straight and narrow, holler up. Maybe if I fancy chocolate, I'll email you and you can just reply saying 'things' or something ;-).

    PS - how sweet are you Really Ree!? xx