7 January 2011

Royal Yacht Fun

I've been lucky enough to have my parents up with me over the past week and I couldn't wait to take my dad over to Edinburgh to have a good nosy around the Royal Yacht Britannia. I'm not going to lie, I adore the Royal family and I'd love a boat, so wandering around the Yacht is like a piece of heaven. How much money would I need to build my own I wonder? I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again; I think I'd make a great princess. Harry if you're reading this, call me.

 My dad fulfilling a dream of his, having a drink in the mess on board.

Knots are pretty, I'm sure that they have very serious uses but they sure are nice to look at.

King and Queen Smeeeff (AKA my parents)

Anyone else want a whole barrel of rum?!

They wouldn't let me sit here to eat my scone...


  1. Love this yacht, great for a bit of pretending! I went to St Andrew once to try see Wills but he wasn't there. I was sad:(


  2. Indeed! I was swanning around like it was my yacht. Oh that is a shame, Wills and Harry were learning to fly with my dad, I was banned from going to see them...

  3. Your mum and dad are so cute. Cuter than knots, perhaps! Loving your mum's style - I can see where the Smeeeff vibe spawns from...

  4. I suppose they are cuter that knots.. Me and my mum are far too similar for our own good.