6 December 2010

Christmas Glitter Or Lipstick?

I am in need of some help with my make up for the work Christmas party. The ever burning question of lips or eyes. More specifically, sparkly eyes or bright red lips.

I adore glitter, as you may have noticed, so here are my glittery inspirations.

Florence and the Machine with her glittery eyes and hands

Or do I do that faithful red lippy and liquid eye liner combo this Christmas season a la Gwen Stefani

So please help me people of blogging-land, glitter or red?


  1. Let your outfit decide I so think it totally depends on what you are wearing. I love a red lip though it is an utter classic!

  2. i vote glitter!! if not at christmas, then when? x

  3. I wear glitter every weekend Bobben :) Any excuse hehe x