29 December 2010

Favourite of 2010: Glee

I don't think I'll be alone in admitting that Glee has been a guilty pleasure of mine this year. That's rightm, I am a gleek and proud! What's not to like, bright, colourful outfits and bursting into song at every opportunity. It's an instant cure for a frown! Emma Pillsbury is with out a doubt my style crush in Glee, her twin sets, pencil skirts and perfectly styled hair is to die for. 

And lets not forget the Glee cast's rendition of Bad Romance. A-mazing!


  1. Bad Romance is my favourite Glee song! <3
    And you're right, Emma's style is gorgeous.

    Hooray for gleeks!

    Florrie x

  2. I love their rendition of bad romance!

    Glad I have fellow gleeks on here :) x