1 December 2010

I'd Like Gwen Stacy Hair Please

I love a little bit of geek-ery, I'm not a full blown comic book geek by a long shot but I'm a huge Spiderman fan. I've been in need of some hair-spiration and I just found it Gwen Stacy. So this as of now I am officially growing my hair and bleaching the pink out (well, eventually).


  1. Emma Stone (Zombieland) is playing her in the Spiderman reboot film, apparently she's actually a natural blonde, but this is the first picture of her with it back to that - http://io9.com/5707766/spiderman-emma-stone-as-a-blonde/gallery/1

  2. Yes I heard that! The blonde suits her, had no idea that she's a natural blonde!