28 December 2010

First Favourite of 2010

Now this is going to sound shallow and just plain sad, but one of my favourite moments of 2010 was being introduced to Mad Men. Anyone who reads my blog regularly, knows me or ever bumps into me in the street would have heard me gushing over Mad Men. Not only is it a fabulous series that me and the boy can agree on watching (a massive rarity) but the styling is to die for! Just look at the sharp suits and pencil skirts.

I have a complete style crush on both Joan Holloway and the actress Christina Hendricks. As someone with a fuller figure, shall we say, I think it's delightful to see Christina's curves on the tv and to hear such positive things being said about her healthy size!

Not to mention that the hair styles are totally lust worthy, I have spent the last few months trying to perfect a 1950s up do. I've only been able to achieve it once, so my new years resolution is to become a master of the up do.

*Please excuse the weird face that I am pulling*

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