23 February 2011

Dance My Socks Off!

I've been mega hectic since getting back from my holiday, hence the lack of tweets and posts. But here is the reason why... I've been doing this for Schuh.

So the shoot was for the new collections pages for Schuh, it was the most nervous and wonderful day I've ever had! Me and two of the other Schuh photographers spend Sunday taking these photographs of two gorgeous models, do days get any better? We couldn't have done it without the styling by Niki from Olanic and Carol from My Stylisms along with hair and make up by Ainslie Currie.

I know that I shouldn't have favourites but it's hard not to when the page looks like this:

So what do you all think? I'd really love your opinions, good, bad or ugly!


  1. Good very good! :)

  2. Good, of course! Though, I don't think 'good' quite covers it...